Do we have anyone reduced to 20/20 and shown it to their optometrist?

What was their reaction?


(Recycling earlier posts)

Opto confirmed uncorrected acuity of 20/33 with binocular vision.
(This is half way between driving without glasses legally = 20/40 and having a close to average emmetropic level of clarity = 20/20)
Ended up in a situation of the opto telling me that there was absolutely no need to wear glasses in general, but recommending to have a cheap minimum correction with me for those times when I would catch myself squinting or had a headache.

I now have 2 confirmed reductions from 2 different optos. European optos have this stock answer:
There are a few people whose presbyopia simply knocks off straight from the minus sph diopters so these people don’t need multifocal glasses because the plus and minus don’t split.
So both optos told me that I was one of these people and with a very early onset of presbyopia. And then both told me that it would be temporary and I would end up with single focal reading glasses in a decade or so. :sweat_smile:


But you look so young! Oh well. Guess you’re officially “old” now.

The optometrist I talked to doesn’t think it’s possible that I picked up any astigmatism in lockdown and that it’s gotten better or worse, she thinks it’s more likely I always had some astigmatism for my whole life and I never noticed it until recently and that I don’t need to wear glasses for it unless it’s bothering me. :sunglasses: I’m officially at 0 SPH and -0.25 CYL from my last prescription (down from -0.25 SPH -0.75 CYL). We didn’t discuss EM methods or anything like that.

Objective ultrasound refraction the other day from the pediatrician’s office has me at “all measurements in range” and no need for eye exam. Unfortunately the -0.25 CYL is still there, though. Not a big deal, but it would be gratifying to get rid of that completely.


Women are the losers in the game, aren’t we @Lloydmom? You had early unexplainable signs of presbyopia as an explanation to your vision improvement, too, if I remember correctly?

"While some people already start having trouble reading or seeing things close-up in their early forties, this may only happen much later in others. It’s not clear why that is. …

Women often start wearing reading glasses at a younger age than men do. This is mainly because they tend to do something about the problem sooner, though. There is no difference between men and women in terms of when presbyopia starts."



I’m getting presbyopia in my 20s :see_no_evil:


OMG, early aging is a side effect of EM? :thinking: :rofl:


Are you saying you actually practice EM regularly? :thinking:

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I’ve dropped from -3.75,.25 to -1.5

I will come back to this thread when i’m 20/20

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You remember well indeed. Though he didn’t come out and say it he def screened me for it but was left mostly scratching his head… I have puzzled that opto twice now, I am really looking forward to the look on his face in the next round :joy:

Must be!! :rofl:

I was wondering about your progress a few times, you don’t have the niffy reference Nottnott recently enabled…