Do you find that Active Focus resets after you blink?

From a chat in the Discord.

  • Yes
  • No

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Is there any conclusion for this? Or can you provide some context of the question? :slight_smile: The majority of the answers seems to be yes, though I’m surprised that we have so much “no”. I would have guess that it resets to everyone.

Conclusion is more or less yes, 80-20 roughly atm. No context needed. Need a bigger sample size.

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I just thought there is some interesting theory behind this question :smiley:

I would say mostly yes but not always

This is so not a yes or no for me, or else I would vote… sometimes a blink activates it, other times not, sometimes it kicks it back off, other times not. :joy: This is a not cut and dried thing for me… I guess I didn’t think it was for anyone, more of that elusive and difficult to define stuff about active focus I guess


Ditto. :upside_down_face:

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I have different ways of pulling focus (as I’m fairly low myopia I don’t have experience with pushing focus): there is the voluntary action that I feel in the back of my eye, that I use to clear things that are mostly clear but could be made even sharper, and I can hold that action through blinking. And then, there is the relaxed, mindful way in which I rely fully on intent and on my brain “getting it”. And that one can go away with the slightest movement, like blinking.

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