Do you get your lenses read after ordering online?

I’m wondering if it would be worth it to get a lensmeter or should I try and continuously bug the opticians at Costco to double check our lenses after we get them online.


If I wasn’t so much of a vagabond I’d have a fully equipped optometrist office at home. :smiley:

(all vintage, of course)


I have ordered 3 glasses from Zenni. I haven’t notice a problem with them (I only checked on the Snellen if it seemed ok). I did not get them read to be sure the prescription is right, but my prescription is not complex (both eyes the same and no cylinder). If I remember well, someone on the FB group said he discovered afterward that one lens was a higher prescription than ordered (he could then have the glasses replaced for free). This testimony has worried me a little.
I don’t know if it is worth to buy a lensmeter (I don’t know how much it is), it is probably not if you have low myopia like me. In my case, I’d rather go to the optometrist to get the lens read even if I would feel just a little guilty of doing so with online ordered glasses :slight_smile:


Yes, I remember that story about not progressing because one lens from Zenni was wrong. I’d say keep bothering the opto at Costco.