Do you know people who improve their vision who did not even know this is a thing? (Completely Unscientific)

Since this eyesight improvement thing continues to be viewed as sketchy I thought people could share their random conversations with people who share that they have improved their vision without even having known one can do so. Of course this is totally unscientific but I guess that is sort of the point of the stories. Life experience instead of science.
So this is my story:
I just heard a story from someone who improved their eyesight to 20/25 (Unfortunately I don’t have what they started at - drat!!) who did not know you could even improve your eyesight. What did he do? He retired from his job working for the government with a Ph D in physics. (lot of close work I imagine) AND started playing soccer!!! He also travels the world to watch the World Cup events.


Brit pensioners do the same: move to Spain and find “dolce vita” there and / or just pick up golf.
Optos say their myopia improves with age and they are the lucky ones who don’t split to bifocals but can deduct the reading glass pluses from the myopia minuses. :woman_shrugging:

My neighbour - long before we met - got freaked out when she got the -10D prescription and decided to stick to the previous glasses. Since then her eyes are “aging” with myopia reversal, too.


My dad wore glasses all his life, needed them for everything distance related, no idea what his prescription was though. He retired from work in his 50s, then a few years after that he just stopped wearing his glasses although he kept them for driving for a while. He has 20/20 vision now at 74. No presbyopia either. He mentioned it to his doctor who couldn’t give him an explanation. That is what inspired me to think that reversal is possible.


I improved my own vision quite by accident in an effort to have less mygraines, that is how I ended up here. My story is well documented on my channel so I will leave it at that.


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My father did in the 1970s. He was never a high myope, and has no clue how he did it himself… My pet theory is that it happened due to him taking a job on a ship for a year and not bothering wearing his glasses. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My uncles is the same. As he got older, from around - 2.5D he now just finds he no longer needs glasses for reading so he’s gone from full time glasses wearing to only for distance

Here is a another story I posted a while back


There was a bartender at a local bar/pizza joint that we hung out at in high school who wore thick, thick glasses for myopia. I stopped in one time years later to meet some old classmates, and he was glasses free. He never would explain exactly what happened, although he denied having any surgery or using contact lenses. His story was confirmed by one of my sisters, who worked there on and off, and was friends with the owner’s kids. Our only thought at that time was that he had gotten off of the hard drugs, and maybe that helped things… I haven’t been back in 15 years probably, so I’m not sure if he’s even around anymore.

As I tell the story, I am on prednisone for a really bad poison ivy reaction, and I’ve noticed that my night vision has drastically declined since the first dose. It makes me wonder if sometimes, the medicines that the well-meaning doctors give us for somewhat benign childhood conditions (acne, growing pains, etc.) have an adverse affect on our vision. And then the mostly well-meaning eye doctors exasperate the situation by doing their job, and giving us our vision crutches.

I’ll work through this, and hopefully after everything clears up, I can get back on track. In the meantime, everyone keep working at it, and stay away from the trifoliate vegetation!


Plant poison? :thinking:
You ate it? or you touched it.

I was clearing some trees that fell from my property and were blocking the road. It was 80° F out, and I was in full cover-up mode as the trees had poison ivy growing up them. Sadly I didn’t think about what would happen when I got back into my truck with my over-clothes on. Basically every surface in my truck got covered with the poison ivy oil, which in turn infected me over and over again until I figure it out and cleaned the surfaces. After a couple hours waiting at the walk-in clinic, I received a shot and a prescription for steroids to help my skin heal up. I’d say close to 30% of my arms are affected (itchy, blistering, oozing, and scabbing) and a dozen softball sized patches on my legs. I’ll not be touching the stuff again if I can help it.

Rumor has it that your body can handle the oils for a while, which is why lots of people seem to be unaffected by contact. But after enough exposure, your immune system can’t fight it off anymore… I guess that is what got me, or maybe the most recent viral activity has heightened my skin sensitivity. Some say it is a virus of opportunity - gets you where you’re most vulnerable… but that’s a whole other thread.

Thanks for the reply! I’m feeling better already, even though my skin is still pretty ugly where affected.

I’m hoping that after the round of oral steroids is done, my eyes can relax again and I can get back to some vision improvements. For now, I bumped back to a slightly stronger lens prescription for driving, just to be safe.

Thanks for the explanation though. It looks like a dramatic incident. I hope you are recovering. Best wishes.

As for the topic, I only know a person who “claimed” that he recovered from pseudomyopia, which is temporary and mild myopia I suppose. He was my college classmate.

My cousin got glasses at about 18. She wore them, and then hated the way they looked on her face. So, guess what? She stopped wearing them. She hasn’t since, and passed her DMV vision test quite nicely. Now her glasses rot away forgotten in their lens case, somewhere, far away, in her dresser.

(What we do for beauty.) :laughing:


My sister similar story. She got glasses later in her teens, wore them only as needed for college then pretty well stopped. Hasn’t wore them in the years since. During lock down she might have run to the opto but for everything I dumped on her about EM lol. Her eyes are great these days.


What to use for close distance if wearing contacts can I use plus eye glasses and how I expedite my eye improvement

Yes. :yawning_face:
However, contact lenses is less recommended, as compared to glasses.

My father got glasses in middle school because he read a lot and always did his homework. He spent a lot of time outdoors, so his eyesight didn’t get too bad. His four years in college was the only period in which he wore his glasses for work up close. He became a forester and has spent most of his adult life wearing his glasses but looking at things far away outdoors. He always took his glasses off for reading or anything up close. His worst prescription was about -1.5. A few years ago he was doing a lot of chainsaw work and took off his glasses because they weren’t quite necessary (and they were irritating to wear under his sunglasses, face shield, and helmet in the hot sun). At first there was a slight blur for things at mid-range, but it eventually went away after a few weeks of such work. Now he only wears his glasses for driving at night. This change occurred in his late-fifties.

His brother, on the other hand, read a bit less and didn’t wear glasses until college. He’s a computer engineer and has spent his entire adult life wearing glasses for work up close. He wears thick glasses.