🎥 Do You Neeeeed A Test Lens Kit?

On Today’s Gurucam DuBeard LeHoly (french intonation in your mind if you may), we cover the most existentialist of all existentialist Shakespearean questions:

To Test Lens Kit, Or Not To Test Lens Kit

Yes it’s a bit of a ramble, but as always it’s a challenge to unpack years of experiences into a quick little explainer scenario video thing.

And yes if the video quality does seem a bit eye searing, it’s because I do like to torture you with as high definition version of my terrifying face, as technologically possible.

Seems Canon recently came up with a new toy that one nerd really couldn’t resist.


Hi Jake & all,

how about, as a compromise, if one buys lenses from Zenni?
This frame for example is round and cheap (10$).
CR-39 lenses are free.

My myopia is around:
OD: -4.5 (-0.75 astigmatism)
OS: -2.5 (-1.25 astigmatism)

So for my specific case, I could buy the following pairs:

  • -0.25, -0.5
  • -0.75, -1
  • -2, -3
  • -4, -0.25C
  • -0.5C, -0.75C
  • -1C, -1.25C
    (C means Cylinder)

That’s 6 pairs or 60$ (plus shipping) of high-quality (optically) CR-39 lenses.
The frame is in metal so one could cut each in half around the bridge.

I can only test one eye at a time, but I’ll need to hold maximum 3 lenses at a time.

Any opinion?

Interesting approach! Might want to file down the edges with a dremel for safety reasons (and protect the lenses while doing so).

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