Does anyone NOT see with similar clarity through each eye but has managed to make consistent reductions?

I’m currently wearing a prescription where my right (dominant) and left eye have a 1.5 diopter difference. However my right eye reads text waaay more clearly than my left.

If we naturally have a dominant eye, does that mean our naked eyes prior to glasses already have a diopter difference? If so then wouldn’t it be ok to have this diopter difference when wearing glasses?

I don’t have any headache problems, but I haven’t seen improvements in a while :slightly_frowning_face:

I have a 0.5 cm difference between OS and OD as far as cm measurements to clear. At my -7D ish range, it translates to 0.25 D difference. AT that level, I chose to keep my eyes at the same diopter level (equalize). Although I can see the difference ever so slightly, it is not enough to bother me. My dominant eye improves faster, then it takes a break and waits for the non-dominant one to catch up.

Bottom line is that they both continue to improve, with the non-dominant eye taking just a bit longer (2-3 weeks longer).

Works for me. but .025D difference is almost nothing. I cannot speak for a larger difference.

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dont make yourself crazy about the dominant eye topic. I did that too, when I thought in the beginning that only one eye does active focus.
All you need to do is checking after a while of active focus that both eyes clear up the text at the same time. You can cover one eye to check the other. If both eyes see clearer then both eyes will improve. If you are not sure, you can test the diopters 0.25 higher or lower. There is really not a lot to search for. Only a few options to test out.

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I must say that 0.25 is a real difference for me. I would notice it, because of the strange feeling that one eye is doing most of the work and I would also get headaches, because of that.

so if both eyes see clearer, but don’t have the same clarity, that’s still ok? i just realllyyy wanna keep my diopter difference at 2 diopters max :sweat_smile:

Yes. my eyes have also different clarity, because the astigmatism diopters and axis are different, but I don’t correct astigmatism, Im ok with the directional blur, I will correct it when I want to improve astigmatism, now I just improve sphere. absolute same clarity is not needed. the eyes will improve, if you can clear up blurry text with both eyes.

thanks. i dropped my astigmatism cold turkey early on to reduce prescription complexity, but i may not have added enough SPH to compensate. i might just have to get an updated prescription from an optometrist and restart :disappointed:

my right eye can clear blur until the text is relatively crisp, but with the left it’s still kinda blurry

Before buying new glasses (depends if they are expensive), maybe you want to test the new diopters first with an additional cheap -0.25 contact lens or use a -0.25 test lens from a test lens kit.

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I also dropped my cylinder correction directly at the start and used this as an opportunity to fully equalize at the same time. In my case the numbers worked out, so I could do this. There is still a 0.25 - 0.50 diopter difference between my eyes, but both have improved to the same degree. Sometimes the difference is noticeable, especially when I’m tired and lighting conditions are poor, but most of the time it’s not bothering me. Fortunately I don’t get headaches wearing equalized glasses as I have been doing for 7 months now.
But since you have a 1.50 diopter difference, you can’t expect to equalize your diopters all in one go. I think if the difference is above 0.50 diopters your non-dominant eye will be way too much under corrected if you equalize completely right away. I would be worried of the non dominant eye could becoming blur adapted, or - even worse - of developing amblyopia.

I can see that happening in the lower diopters. But for me .25D is half of a centimeter difference in distance to blur. This may make a difference on how noticeable the discrepancy in vision is.

Ok I forgot to mention, it is a big difference if you read text. If you just look at things you will not notice 0.25.
But active focus is all about text, this is why it is important to use the right diopters. 0.25 more or less will make a difference on clearing up text and then one eye will not improve and headaches would happen.

I spend 8+ hours in front of the computer, and I honestly hardly see the difference 95% of the times.

If you don’t need glasses for close-up vision (lower than -2), then of course you will not notice the 0.25 difference, because the text is then clear on the computer screen.

I wear -6.5D for close up.

Hm strange.
My 20/20 vision is:
sphere L-3.75 R-3.5
cyl L-0.75 axis 15, R-1.25 axis 1

When I used L-2 R-2 glasses for computer screen, only my right eye was reading
the text, the left eye saw the text too blurry, and I got headaches etc.
That’s why every 0.25 matters for me.

I don’t disagree with you. I could only speak from my own experience. My eyes seem work in tandem. Testing both eyes together on the Snellen will give me a bit extra clarity vs. each eye separate, even for the dominant eye.

I am not advising anyone to disregard their difference in cm to blur when deciding what lenses to use. I have a lens test kit, and was able to test it live before I ordered same strength for both eyes, both distance (my husband was driving while I was looking at the details around me through the test frame/lenses) and close up . It worked for me. I was comfortable with it.
The final proof for me was that my non-dominant eye continued to improve right along with the dominant one, albeit with a tiny time lapse. Not only that, but the cm to blur always seem to hover right around half cm difference, no mater the acuity.

I was aware of the risk, so I was on the lookout for problems with my first pair of equalized lenses.

However, my experience aside, maybe there is a good reason why Jake recommends waiting until the last diopter to equalize. How many times have I read on the forum: “Jake was right” about any one topic you might choose. :laughing:??

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