Does anyone tried Wim Hof Method to reduce Eye Strain?


I hope many know about Wim Hof Breathing technique, I also known recently.

I do close up work of 8+ hrs daily, Does doing wim Hof Method can prevent eye strain?

I.e usually if I look at 1.5+ hrs continuously, my eyes used to get strain. I know about relaxing method of generally giving a break between 20 minutes. But just curious whether doing wim Hof Method going to completely prevent such kind of eye stress when worked long hrs on close up screen? As the method is very popular to boost our very own immune system.

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Love a good parallel alternative treatment.

Maybe give it a go and write down your experiences!

By the kind of research and Scientific Proof Wim Hof Method makes it 100% real and the method itself is also not that difficult i.e anyone can do, but the queries like how often we should do? and how effective it is going to be in this particular eye strain case is another one? Another thing is that many who did the method are able to see results on their various issues, but how long time it is going to get for the method to show some reasonable stable effect on the body is my major query.

So if by any chance our forum members are practicing it and seeing any changes it might be helpful to work on it also a regular basis. Hence asked query here.

The Wim Hof breathing method increases oxygen in the blood - which is good for any parts of the body, including the eyes. When I pause the breath and also when I hold the first breath in, I focus on the part of the body I want to relax and that can be my eyes. Could be neck and shoulders or the back, too, as being tensed up 8+ hours in front of the monitor can cut the proper blood flow to the eyes, too.
It won’t prevent muscle tension, it will release it - and then it is up to you how much you build back via wrong posture and stress. So improvement depends on your damaging habits.
Breathing definitely boosts the immune system, so there’s nothing to lose. 3 rounds at beginner level take about 10 minutes. Doing it once or twice a day in the first month and then 2 to 4 times a week would be ideal. Otherwise whatever you can fit into your lifestyle regularly or ad-hoc.
Warning: as with any free magic, you’ll have to do it actually and then see the results for yourself. :wink: