Does this happen to anyone else?

I’m still not sure if I found for sure Active Focus,
but one thing that I definitely can notice is something very curious.

When I am doing distance vision, or even trying to look across the room in my close vision glasses,
I can feel my eyes relaxing, but as they do, I sometimes notice some sort of ‘bubble’ slightly pop up in my vision in my right eye.

I have moderately high myopia in the -5s and -6 range, in both my eyes, with my left eye being slightly worse.

If I were to totally guess, it’s that as the eyes relax much after being stretched from close vision, so as the contraction relaxes, a ‘layer’ in my eye creates a temporary crease(hence, noticing the slight ‘bubble’),
just like how not installing the phone screen protector fully stretched create air bubbles, so just how like a flat rubber band creates creases after being let go from a contracted state.

This only happens immediately into distance vision after looking into my phone for more than a few minutes (bad habit, I’m working on it). It goes away a few minutes into distance vision. Hence, my bro-science guess on why this happens.

I don’t think I found a post about this in the forum, so that’s why I ask:
Has anyone had this experience?

maybe you talk about eye floaters?
they are best visible if you look on the sky during the day.

No, they are different from eye floaters.
It literally feels like I’m seeing a very tiny bubble in my eye, but they go away after a few minutes into distance vision, but I continue to see eye floaters.

Go better to an eye doctor, he should check that. I have not heard about bubbles.

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Same here. I’ve never heard someone experience something like that regarding Endmyopia. I would definitely check with an ophthalmologist.