Doing active focus at different distances

I’m -4 on the left and right. I’m wondering is there a difference in overall progression when doing active focus in 3 scenarios 1) without any glasses on a book close up 2) with differentials on a computer screen around 50cm away 3) with normalized on distant objects? considering that I’m working at the edge of blur in all 3

Theoretically no. Practically the third one (with the distant object) proves to be superior regarding improvements. Currently we are not sure why, just having some guesses.

I don’t know how one could measure that. As excessive close vision was probably at the root of your myopia, I should image that AF at close distance may be less useful than AF at far distance. I do a lot of book reading, but have not found AF at that distance to be as useful as print pushing at the screen.

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My experience with books is the same, they’re useless. Maybe it’s because without glasses the improvement would be too small to discern, while with differentials I can clearly see the change happening while I AF at the screen.


I do all three and encourage everyone to do so. But I firmly believe that the distance AF is the most effective for gainz.


thanks for all the replies!

maybe an app or program for reading stuff like a book can be used on a big screen placed far away. would especially benefit the schooling years

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You could have an optical training device integrated with a VR headset that could measure readability in real time and keep you at the edge of blur.

A convergence of an accutarget hd and an oculus headset if you will.

In my opinion, the lower the diopter, the more distance vision is needed for improvement. E.g. below -1D you will need street signs to read at 20 to 50ms and also to look further at distant objects outdoors.

Simple me just measured the length of the arm to the wrist, and then with fist and open palm. This way I looked less weird when checking distance from monitor in an office environment :sweat_smile: