Domination eye and weaker eye

Hi, i’m Niki, im 13 and i’m pretty new here, but i have a question.
I have dominated eye and weaker eye (as a lot of people), but the problem is, that is the diffrence between my eyes very big, so that means i automatically use just domination eye. Because of that is my weaker eye getting worse and worse. Does anyone have any idea how could make them even? And sorry for the bad grammary.


There’s alot of information on this.

  • I would check jake’s youtube first and search for words like patching, equalizing and ocular dominance.
  • I would search this Lemeow forum. Same thing search those words above. There are alot of people doing the same thing and reading their stories will help.

In general you should slowly bring the eyes closer together in strength.

The most simple explanation is this:

You should do two 0.25 reductions and then one equalising step.

So for example.

  1. R6.0 L 5.0
  2. R5.75 L4.75
  3. R.5.5 L4.75 - EQUALIZING STEP
  4. R5.25 L4.5
  5. R5.0 L.4.25
  6. R4.75 L4.25 EQUALISING STEP
  7. R4.5 L4.0
  8. R4.25 L3.75
  9. R.4.0 L3.75 EQUALISING STEP
  10. R3.75 L3.5
  11. R3.5 L3.25
    then etc. back to R0 L0
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Thank you, i appreciate it.

Try patching up your dominant eye for maybe one to 10 minutes and give it more practise than the dominant.It will be less complicated if you slow down the dominant one reductions for the weaker to catch up then they will get to 20/20 at the same pace.

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