Don't seem to understand how to perform active focus

Hello everyone!> Firstly, thanks for considering to read my question. I know that there are a lot of vague questions like mine up there. I have read quite a lot of them but still don’t seem to understand how exactly I should perform active focus. I managed to find my edge of blur, but don’t seem to understand how the blur would clear up.

I understand that I need to discover a technique, such as blinking, or “just clearing it up without effort” which I don’t know how to. Would really appreciate if someone could advise me on this!

Am i not getting it right because I have not worn glasses for a long time?


Well, the forum is growing quite big and I guess you get thousands of hits if you search for AF…

Check out this post and also check out the link in it which says “look at the pic in Mohan’s thread”
This will explain what level of blur you are looking for

As for what to practice on:
Some people find it easiest with a monitor screen or book. Others with objects on the kitchen counter or subtitles on the TV screen. Or with license plates of cars in the street.
The trick is that you have to find the correct combination of undercorrected vision and objects at the right distance. If you are too close, you won’t have a blur to clear, if you are too far away from the object or if you are too much undercorrected then clearing the blur will be impossible.

There are great videos on the topic to help with the how:




Quite possible, maybe have a look through this too.