Double vision Experience?

Hello to everyone . I’ve noticed something lately. When I focus on an object, the object in the back looks double.
the object I look at looks normal, but the rear object is 2 or 3.
. I hope you understood. Does anyone have this condition?

Look up double vision. Lots of people have expressed this and recently. There may be some tips you will find useful or you may need to resolve it your own way. Good luck

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Close one eye, do you still get double vision?

YES) eye strain or some marginal dilopia, be gentle with your eyes and it should go away

NO) well… In that case, what you’re seeing it’s perfectly normal


If it’s both eyes, your clarity might change over time from blur to many images superimposed on top of each other, then to fewer images - 4 and then to two. After that, the image finally merges to one image.
I had a church steeple across the road from where I used to live. I’d take my glasses off, stare at it and it would look like a crown with many points, over time it became four separate points. I moved before I could see the end results though.


If it’s only one eye, check for astigmatism


the subject I focus on is not double. the objects on the back look double. Example: there is a book and a wristwatch on the back of the book. I focus on the book, but there are 3 or 4 o’clock in the back. Part of this development?

Okay, so I just checked this for myself. Coffee cup at the front, glasses slightly to the right but about 15cm back. I looked at the coffee cup, active focussed to get it clear and yes, the glasses behind had a double image. So, my eyes are doing the same thing as yours.
Possible explanation: when I look at the bathroom tiles, the grout line between the tiles starts out like a 3mm line but as the line goes further away from me -further into the bathroom, it fans out until it looks much blurrier and wider. Then it almost looks as if it splits into two -almost 2cm wide by the end of the bathroom. I think this is a really good picture of what refraction does to vision. The higher the diopters, the closer the distortion starts and the more the fanning out of the picture.
We are reversing that so we are pushing the distortion further back and the image is slowly returning to its correct picture.
Returning to the coffee cup: if I active focus the coffee cup clear, the glasses behind have a double image. But without the active focus my coffee cup will have a double image (slight shadow) and the glasses are blurry.
It’s a lot to take in :grin:. Test it in your bathroom on the tile grout. All the best