Double Vision Resolved: Fixed Gaze

Remember to use the fixed gaze (ie. staring at stuff) to help with double vision you might encounter during reductions. Also of course, unusual amounts of double vision is almost always a sign of too much reduction (or too many too quickly, or too many focal plane changes)!


Will the double vision resolve itself with time? Or is fixed gaze resolution the only method? I have managed to resolve it a couple of times when I resolved within a minute or two, but usually it takes so long to merge that I get all shifty eyed like a paranoid person. It is so unnatural for me to just stare at a thing for full minutes. Also (almost afraid to ask) this is my first bout with double vision, should I expect to hit it on every rung the rest of the way down the ladder?

What exactly happen with DV? Is it during active focus or is everything doubled all the time? Clear, not blur but double? I am entering the last diopter challenge and I am not sure what to expect with DV…

Mine is during AF and on things were blurry but AF clears them to DV.

What is the difference between fixed gaze and active focus?

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Thanks! In that case I am experiencing it as well. I wasn’t sure :slight_smile:

:joy: I commented on the wrong feed but this is the video from the one I was shooting for. This video helped but I legit got paranoia shifty eye person quick

Good god.

I can’t rewatch any of my videos, especially the older ones. It’s so super unnatural feeling to stare at a lens and try to talk to it, like it’s person. Pretty sure if I forced myself to watch 10 of my videos, I’d probably delete the whole channel. :smiley:


Lol don’t do that! But seriously how to you fix gaze for 5-10 minutes? I can’t do it, 2 max and that isn’t proving enough to resolve the double vision regularly, I have gotten a merge a few times when I looked away then looked back, but mostly I’m getting antsy and not resolving it. I am seriously hoping that staying the course will do the work. But also getting the impression that the fixed gaze thing needs to happen or else I’ll be one of the people asking when the DV will go away three months from now… :frowning:


@Lloydmom @Prunelle @jakey

With active focus single-eye vision, I can snap in the 20/20 and 20/25 lines briefly & 20/30 w/no difficulty. With both eyes 20/40 is very blurry because of double vision, 20/50 is readable but still double vision not a sharp view. I am able to resolve double vision with single-eye viewing, most of the time I don’t notice it at all, but it’s quite bad with both eyes.

3/13/2020 R 20/20 L 20.25 Both 20/50

My question:
The guide says 3 to 4 months per quarter diopter for Low Myopia but I’m not getting resolution from my double vision.
Is this normal progression? If not, what can I do to improve my progress?
What about patching my dominant (stronger) eye?

Based on the data, by next year same time my vision should be 14 cm better with a -1.25 diopter. If my vision improved that much, I should be able to drive without glasses (since I wear -1.0 & -1.25 to drive now) and my near distance bubble should be quite acceptable for everything I do indoors including seeing the computer screen clearly from about any distance.

But I had great success today with the fixed gaze practice.
3/16/2020 L 20/25 clear R 20/20 clear B 20/30 clear!!! This is a milestone! I was able to hold clarity at 20/30 in both eyes for almost a minute! Maybe I’ll overcome the double vision thing soon!

So what about patching? And I notice most people talk about single-eye double vision, I don’t really have much single-eye double vision or I’m able to resolve it quickly. But with both eyes, it usually has been very difficult. I feel like if I could overcome it, I could have 20/25 right now because vision is so clear with single-eye.& AF.


Best wishes, still fighting it myself :confused:
I don’t really know how long double vision takes to resolve typically, never have quite found an answer to that question. I don’t however think the .25 diopter improvement rate over 3-4 months on avg accounts for DV. DV seems to be more of a hiccup that you can’t place a timer on, so far as I can tell, it is keep chipping at it and it will clear in its own good time. Wish I could help more but I haven’t gotten over this hurdle myself yet, I do look forward to the other side though :slight_smile: I had several times I thought it was getting better but then it would get worse again. Fighting to hold my gains through winter and sickness had much to do with why it’s been so long now I think. But it’s getting better again as the days get longer and warm enough to get outside more so I am optimistic to be getting past it sooner rather than later now and back on track for reductions.


I’m excited to say I’ve had hit some amazing milestones in clearing double vision consistently over the last few days since I posted. With some effort at active focus, using one eye at a time, I can overcome my ciliary spasm and read the 20/25 line easily and 20/20 line with difficulty but after some more tries I can’t repeat it. Previously, the DV reduces my normal seeing to about 20/50 when not attempting to use AF or clear the double vision. But this morning, I got up and looked at the chart with both eyes and it seemed that I could see the lower letters emerging through the multiple images so I practiced the relaxing and lining up skill and suddenly, momentarily, I read the 20/20 line clearly without using AF! Then I blinked and it went away. But with some double vision clearing effort I was still able to read the 20/30 line with both eyes. I feel quite hopeful that I’ll be able through my glasses away sometime this year! My distance bubble is still around 68 - 69 cm. Over the last year it has vacillated between the high 50s and mid 60s so I do feel I’ve crossed a vision threshold.


Wow! re-reading this post from slightly more than a year ago when I predicted "by next year same time my vision should be 14 cm better with a -1.25 diopter. and low and behold on March 19 2020 I was L 69 cm R 69 cm, then my right eye improved faster about 5 cm than my left. Today my left has caught up with my right and I am exactly at my predicted 1-year improvement at L 83 cm R 83 cm (14 cm improvement and -1.25 diopter)! I had gotten lazy on monitoring improvement because my arm isn’t long enough to reach the focal target! Today my husband measured it for me.



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He must have taken it down, a lot of videos got moved to course materials

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Too bad… I guess I’ll better watch the rest of them while they’re up then… :grimacing:

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100%! I was just responding to the absence of the video. Maybe there is a DV mini course in the future…

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