Doug: 20/40 No Glasses (PLEASE HELP ME BAN SCIENCE)

Per also my FB post:

Doug just got to 20/40 without glasses. Awesome, right?

Not so fast.

If it wasn’t for the very pesky fact that this is all easily explained by science, and just simple, basic habits … imagine how COOL an eye guru could be, mystically and enchanting-cally contributing to people’s improving eyesight.

It would be a totally awesome cult and the guru would have a different Rolls Royce for every day of the week. #banscience

Doug’s full report:



Are these people with success stories also on this forum? Can they post their story on the forum and not just send an email to Jake? Or is this against some policy or am I missing the success story category?

You can look at MatthewEllys post on ditching his glasses and people have optometrist visits they post. The prove is in here, some of the people post less frequently because they are out getting away from the screen. Try the 20/20 gains section.


I was reading the 20/20 gain section just wondering if the people Jake talks to are here on the forum. Could not find a MatthewEllys post…Thanks. :wink:

It is titled Point of no return? In 20/20 update


awesome thank you found it.