Dr. Berne Selling Course to Reverse Myopia

I’m on Dr. Berne’s list because he has videos about cataracts and floaters. He claims to be able to reverse cataracts, but also talks about tips for surgery when it doesn’t work. :thinking:

Anyways, today I get an email where he’s selling a course for $495 on how to reduce your myopia and astigmatism. Sounds a little hokey pokey to me.

Discover your causes of myopia and astigmatism.
Learn what physical therapy exercises will unlock your myopia and astigmatism.
Navigate your prescription so you can support your healing your prescription.
Implement dietary, nutritional protocols to support myopia/astigmatism improvement.
Explore aromatherapy and other plant-based remedies to support healthy vision.
Encounter different energy medicine modalities like color, light, sound and vibration in the context of reducing myopia and astigmatism.
Utilize Continuum Movement Sequences to release tension patterns in the eyes.


I’m sure someone could put together an excellent course for $495 on how to reduce myopia and astigmatism. I don’t know if Dr Berne is that guy or not.

There are “legit” things you can do under most of those headings with some research to back them up that will help with overall eye health. (I have no idea about aromatherapy.) Maybe sound and vibration is “massage”, not sure what that would be about, either.

His whole health protocols improve vision and wellness by healing the mind-body-spirit through nutritional protocols, vision therapy, and self-care techniques.

Talk of “mind-body-spirit” rubs me the wrong way, but certainly nutrition, vision therapy, and self-care techniques can be totally real and useful and helpful. I guess the guy is trained as an optometrist so he can’t claim to cure diseases or treat mental health issues, so “mind-body-spirit” is maybe code for fixing medical issues he’s not legally allowed to help fix. [???]

I’d be curious to see if the course is any good or not. (Not eager to shell out $500 to find out.)

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I think he might be doing Bates method, as the original Bates magazine talks about healing cataracts, glaucoma etc as well.


Or even somebody did? No fancy Dr titles though or nice trust inspiring white washed ambiance and claims.

Just sarcasm and imaginary beards.

This is what I like about these “courses”. The more there are out there, especially if they don’t get taken down, the better. My #1 concern is the lens industry putting their boot on our necks. If others are doing it (poor or great or otherwise), we’re less of an outlier to mow down.


I think they should be on your side. EM’ers buy a lot more glasses than regular people.

It’s really the optometrists who are upset rather than the lens sellers. They’re not willing to admit that they were wrong and that they have been mis-prescribing for decades and creating a myopia epidemic. They’re the ones who are getting cut out once people figure out how to fix myopia themselves.

His marketing sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo for stress reduction.

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I guess the aromatherapy would work if you sit outdoors under a tree and look off into the distance focusing on faraway things while you’re burning the incense or boiling the potpourri. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sit outside under a tree drinking urine and practice active focus.