Dr. Morris Waxler, FDA: LASIK Suicides Are Real

Just had an hour podcast with Dr. Morris Waxler.

The man is a legend still, at 85 years old. Former chief of surgical and diagnostics branch division of opthalmic devices at the FDA.


He’s got some choice quotes in this chat. It’s kind of unreal, when you hear it from the man himself. 30% chance of permanent dry eye. Extensive long term risks, and get this:

The FDA approval process does NOT consider medical complications! Just that you get 20/20-ish vision and that “your eyeball doesn’t fall out”.

He basically says that these surgeons do whatever f*ck they want. Even before FDA approval, just telling people it’s fine and basically repurposing laser devices for their own surgeries. Yes major potential complications, FDA doesn’t even consider anything that happens to you past one year to be their problem, and yes, suicides happen. Wild west, entirely.

Working on the edit now.


Not yet public: Dr. Waxler: LASIK & Permanent Dry Eyes Risk | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube

My thought, making little 1-3 minute highlight clips for Youtube and the social media stuff. Maybe with English captions? I don’t know what works best there, but just for easy shareable, quick viewable, short attention span friendly warnings about the madness of LASIK.


:+1: … Do you need help with the captions?

Sounds good!

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Yea I have no actual plan yet. There is software to auto generate captions that can be imported. Haven’t made it to more research yet.

Same for short video clips. There are some Fiverr guys who do them but it’s all a question of who can spot and extract great content.


These are the bits that I really enjoyed. Have made bold the ones that I think can be used as short video clips …

17:13 - 17:55 Criteria for approvals - 20/20 vision
18:34 - 18:43 No change in criteria
19:07 - 19:56 30% suffer “Complications” not side-effects
20:10 - 21:01 Non-disclosure
21:51 - 23:30 Corneal neuropathy
24:21 - 25:18 “95% satisfaction rate”
25:45 - 26:36 the “wow” effect

This section talks about the procedure. It can be made into a short video …
27:41 - 28:11 … 28:20 - 29:00 “not-so-wow” after all
29:06 - 31:09 Halloween effect of LASIK (Great quote!)
32:04 - 37:00 … and more

37:17 - 40:09 Chronic problems
40:58 - 44:50 How did it get approved?
44:51 - 49:11 Status quo today

49:21 - 51:24 Message for myopes (potential short video clip)

51:25 - 54:46 Resources to go to, before LASIK

58:35 - 58:48 Can open the podcast with this quote?

I felt a little angry after watching this podcast. Every time my ophthalmologist offered to do LASIK on my eyes … every f^#*ing year that I went for a routine eye checkup … not once did he talk about the side effects. Not once. It was always “it’s safe!” The fact that he continued wearing glasses belies his safety guarantee. The people who go in for this procedure unaware … that is not consent!

Thank you God for saving my eyes and sending me Jake and EM :pray:


Ahh thank you so much for doing this! I can’t wait for this to become public so I can share it far and wide.

So much this! They don’t see us as people but as walking wallets, because they are more than happy to make us pay for a procedure they don’t want for themselves. That’s the kind of things a psychopath does; I know people on here don’t like anything that sounds like “optometrists are conspiring to take our money and make us sick” but this surgery is evil and we shouldn’t sugarcoat it.


Yikes! I mean I knew it was bad but putting some light on the subject is certainly eye opening (pardon the pun).
Also leaves one with a lovely case of the warm and fuzzies for a certain shot that recently was approved by the FDA…


Oh surely they had different criteria for that one! I mean it’s one thing to approve eyeball laser surgery without any rules for medical side effects or consequences … oh. :roll_eyes::zipper_mouth_face:


Great podcast! Except one thing: you didn’t ask him what he thought about the EndMyopia method!!! I was honestly waiting for you to throw him that question, I think to hear his opinion on it given his background would have been insightful! Any chance you could throw that question his way?


I thought this too but the way he repeatedly brought up “doing what you do” makes me think he is supportive at least. At any rate glad you got this podcast in @jakey it was a nice perspective to hear from him directly.
It does seem high time that that data was all in one place to send people to…

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I haven’t listened to this yet but definetly going to!!!
This is awesome. Like the other, thank you for doing this.

One thing…don’t want to be too negative…but is this “cancel culture” worthy?
Ideas are dangerous again, you know…

Yea he did several times. But he wasn’t very familiar with endmyopia (pre chat talk) and I didn’t want to put him on the spot.

100%. It’s nuts. I’m about to cut up little pieces (thank you for making time stamps) to put out there. Feeling strongly about this whole topic.



FDA Approval for LASIK: “We Knew There Were Problems”

Sorting out how to make these short clips work. Next task will be removing all the ahhhhhh’s. :slight_smile:


got the time stamps up Dr. Waxler: LASIK & Permanent Dry Eyes Risk | Shortsighted Podcast | Jake Steiner - YouTube

great interview btw
excited to see the page on hatever waxler has shared


How anyone could get LASIK after listening to that podcast I have no idea. What a horror show! As much as I hate the idea of lens replacement surgery, with the premium lens options available today that give “full range” of vision, it makes way more sense to do that over LASIK. Of course EM makes the most sense, but for those wanting the “quick fix” lens replacement is far better than LASIK.


Comments under this video:

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Yea I need to put up a page with the documents he sent over and the video and some other links.

Thanks for the time stamps!

Yea I was even floored. One thing to read stats and things, another to have the body language and tone and specific wording he used. Strong stuff.

Something something intelligence is a bell curve … ?


I’m just super grateful, that they only do LASIK on grown ups. It’s their free choice to choose whatever they want, no matter how (un)educated they are on the topic.
But I really am super happy that they don’t do the procedure on children! I can imagine my mother scheduling me for a LASIK just so I will not look ugly in glasses. :nauseated_face:

People have this built in “respect and 100% trust” in the doctors.
In my experience the same people who will do a 15 hour research on which phone to buy will do a 0min research on what a procedure like LASIK actually does to their body and their health. :clown_face:


Ironically I got somewhat close to doing LASIK. Before I fell into the myopia rabbit hole. And before lots of online resources.


If it’s uninformed, it’s not free choice. Choice is an illusion, a thought-terminating cliché to allow absurd things to keep happening even though we know that no one in their right mind would choose them. It is an invitation for unethical companies to prey on vulnerable population. Of course it’s 100% more evil to do it on children, but is it so different to raise psychic invalids who will trust their doctor on everything, and have them “decide” to get LASIK once they’re adults based on that mindless and baseless trust?

Ah yes, that one rendered me quite literally speechless. There you have the words “LASIK suicides” in the video title but apparently that isn’t regret enough, hm?