Dreaming a little today

Hi, maybe someone has thought of something similar? I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that (amongst other things) takes a photo of a scene you are looking at or a short video and then you sort of play with a focusing area at the bottom to blur what you see to equal how well you are currently seeing without glasses. These visual diaries could be recorded and kept for memories sake. The house across the road, what it looked like at -6.25 on such and such a date with the weather being X. What it looks like 4 months later. Wouldn’t it be amazing to look back and possibly visually share our progress?
20% commission is mine for the idea!


Okay, the guilt steps in. Endmyopia can have the idea if someone knows how to do something like that :smirk:

With a quick search, I could find tons of apps for Android that allow you to blur the background of a photo, but not the whole photo. Some apps allow you to select the region of the photo that you want to remain in focus, so I guess you could select a very small region in a corner, so that all the rest would be (hopefully the same amount of) blurry.

Also, I’m not sure if any allow for the fine level of control of the blur that you wish. Still you could probably take a look and see if anything would actually work.

Thanks for checking it out. I haven’t seen what’s on Apple yet but I assume similar. No, I think the camera software would have to read a photograph and defocus from there -just like the eye.
I think it would be the most incredible tool as part of the vision improvement journey. Perhaps encouraging uncertain skeptics to start with 15 photographs to the level they are seeing (including their first printed schnellen chart) which they go back to in three or four months after following the AF method.
Step two - If the software could ever be adjusted / calibrated that finely, possibly having predicted vision - ie point and click (or video) and it automatically showing the user what to expect at certain myopia readings.

Is something like this possible?

Sure, it’s all possible.

The reason there isn’t such an app already available (or if there is, it’s very hard to find), is because it’s not a common thing people want. Many people want software that blurs only the background, and very few need something that can blur the whole photo. But actually, blurring the whole photo is the easier thing, programming-wise.

Thinking about it, you can actually do what you want even now. I didn’t think at first about it because you asked specifically for a phone app, but there are plenty of computer programs for photo editing that can add exactly the amount of blur you need, for example the popular Photoshop, or as I would suggest, a free alternative like GIMP. They have different kinds of blur filters that you can apply and they allow you to dynamically preview the filter by dragging a slider, so you can adjust it exactly as you need.

That said, if you are willing to use a laptop instead of your phone, you can do it. Honestly, even if someone did make an app to blur a whole photo, I doubt you’ll have better blur control than GIMP on a phone.

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