Dropped half a diopter in 2½ months yo

Guys, it works! My official “prescription” by the optometrist is half a diopter less in each eye than when I started EM in May.
-*insert victory dance *-
I started at -2.00/-1.75D and am now officially down to -1.50/-1.25D. Woohoo! :partying_face:

They drive me crazy at the opto though man. The one lady was like “you can only improve your eyesight with intensive training every single day but you’re always starting from scratch so there’s actually no long term improvement happening, only temporary. Also, we won’t sell you underprescribed glasses. But let me check with my boss.” The boss is like “we’ll sell you any lenses you want, but you can only train minus with more minus, so make sure you buy stronger lenses than your prescription” :flushed:
Then when I ordered my new norms they were all like “:scream::scream::scream:
And then there was this one nice lady there who wished me luck with da gainz :sweat_smile:
So yeah, pretty much nobody knows what they’re talking about. Drives me crazy.

On another note, I have at last decided to go below -1.00 with my norms, because as I have mentioned before, I’m having trouble getting the right amount of blur. I can see 20/13 clearly with my -1.00s and yet no-correction is still too blurry. So I’ve been naughty with my next norms and gone ahead and ordered -0.50s (reduced half a diopter instead of a quarter)!!! I know I know, half a diopter in low myopia is like a million diopters I KNOW! But I’m still seeing better than 20/20 in -0.75s so I just had to do it.


Congratulations! Really nice that you actually went and did the optometrist test already :slight_smile: !!!

I’m amazed by how much blur people can deal with :joy: On a daily basis I really don’t like more than -0.25 undercorrection and I was often going fully corrected the last couple of days out of lazyness. I guess I should find my motivation back to improve :sweat_smile:, at least it didn’t get worse and I’m just happy that my first improvement is pretty much settled now. There’s no shame in going for a bit higher diopters in your normalized :wink: But anyway nice to read your progress!


You never know for sure until you try and you can buy glasses so cheap the downside is minimal. Great work and thanks for posting.


Congratulations. I enjoyed reading about the confusion you sowed at the opto’s. :smile:

No, a diopter is a diopter - don’t be misled by the increasing distances to blur in the low diopters. The determining distance is in the eyeball and that remains the same per diopter. Your rapid progress even at low diopters would seem to confirm this. Of course this is the case only if the hypothesis of axial elongation/shortening is correct. It will be very interesting to see how you fare with the last diopter.

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