Dropping cylinder altogether...is axis irrelevant now?

Ok, I’m still a newbie at all this so forgive me if this question is really lame. I want to get rid of my annoying cylinder but wasn’t sure what to do with my axis numbers. But I was informed that it doesn’t matter once cylinder is gone. Is that true? It would make sense so does that mean I just leave that part blank when I go to fill in my prescription? I appreciate all your help and wisdom on this awesome journey to 20/20!

Perhaps if she needs confirmation she can go look up what cylinder and axis mean from more reliable sources than us.

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I’m sorry I just wanted to be sure before I ordered anything new. I should do some more reading, for sure! Thank you, ladies, for your patience and assistance.

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yes, actually understanding the topic is better than asking people. Logic is more reliable than people and axis/cylinder is actually very logical if you know what it is

as Jake says, if you don’t understand it, DON’T change it!


You have a good attitude. You don’t let us get you down. :slight_smile: