Dry eye compatible with endmyopia?

I suffer from meibomian gland dysfunction. Today i put on my normalized and it was very blurry. Then i put in eye drops and it was way clearer. It was more like wearing full prescription. I think the difference is insane. Is is still possible to find actice focus and improve when you have dry eyes? I might have to adress the dry eye sufficently before doing endmyopia.

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Maybe. I have severe dry eyes too. If I try to AF, it just strains my eyes and makes the double vision/ghosting worse, I don’t even attempt it anymore. Wearing full prescription for a while helps a lot.
I don’t follow the EM method though, I have -2.0 D right&left. I don’t wear glasses, except if I’m going out at night, I won’t speak on EM’s behalf

You probably already know it, but, not treating dry eyes will cause your oil glands to atrophy in the long term.

or while doing endmyopia. But it any case, you will have to address it.

no straining is required for Endmyopia. Just forget about AF and try to spend more time outdoors when you are looking (not focusing!) at things at real distances 10m, 20m, 50m. Start using differentials (or zero corrections if you are below -2D) for close-up, and work in them at good distance from the monitor but still just within the blur distance, and occasionally try and see if you can push the monitor another 2 or 5 cms away without getting any blur.

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