Dum-Dum-Dum - Another one bites the lenses

Helloooooooooo dear Eyeball-Shorters,

I do not really love to talk / write about myself.

But due @jakey kind of gently forces me to write an introduction before pestering this forum, I guess I have no other choice… ?

I am Rob from Berlin, Germany.

I started wearing glasses in my mid teens.

I always had perfect eyesight until my teens.

Then school performance pressure (and bullying) started to arise. I was spending more and more time in front of school books, homework sheets and… screens.

I started gaming heavily. And developed more and more social phobia. Spending even more time indoors.

I still remember the moment when the ciliary spasm happened. I just had it in one eye, my right eye. The other eye was seeing perfectly fine.

I was absolutely shocked. Panicing.

My “friendly” optometrist “prescribed” me 1.25 on the spasmed eye.

And also - as a “friendly entry gift” - a minus 0.25 D for my absolutely perfect seing left eye. To compensate a bit for dim lighting I guess. You will understand. nodd nodd

And this is how the journey “hill down” started…

My good eye deteriorated quickly until I reached 2.25. In total I ended at 2.25 left / 3.0 right.

When I got to that point, I was prescribed my first glasses with Astigmatism correction (0.5 for my “bad” eye).

And I remember vividly, how I got instantly a “NOOOO” response from all over my body, when putting that thing on.

And what did I hear from the op? The thing that prob everybody gets as friendly advice.

“You will get used to it”.

You prob can already feel the slight anger in my tone. I am still puzzled, how I could get into all of that. While actually all it would have taken would be a bit more outdoor time & adjusting close up habits again, to never actually get started with all that sh**.

At that point though… when I put that new glasses on… I decided that those would be my last ones. I would not accept my eyes just getting worse every year.

So my next episode of “hill down” journey started. Blur adaptation.

I stopped wearing glasses all together.

And this made things even worse. My social phobia increases to a maximum. I felt so extremely uncomfortable in the presence of other people. Not recognizing faces and face expressions properly anymore.

So I did even MORE close up. My actual excessive closeup live started here… turning away from people forever. I just worked & researched in front of the PC, almost all my daytime.

What I noticed was though interesting. My eyesight stabilized. It did not get worse.

10 years after my last “prescription” I went to the op again.

I was still at 2.25 / 3.0. Ouch!

So I kind of realized - at least - at that point: It must have been the fucking glasses - and not my close up time - which got me into the really severe decay of vision.

But I actually had not the slightest idea on eye biology, pseudo myopia, axial elongation and all that jazz.

Until I found Endmyopia.

So much more to be said here about the NEXT part of the journey. But I just keep it short here. It worked instantly. Thank you Jake :heart:

It was with a lot of ups & downs, because I started off, without actually knowing what I was doing. Doing all the classics: Reducing too much, still bad close up habits, not wearing differentials / just normalized, overstraining ActiveFocus, equalizing too early…

Whatever “don’t do it” is out there… I tried it :slight_smile: Except Lasik… which I am super happy about (because I already booked an appointment).

And this was actually the first video from Jake, that I found “Dont do Lasik”. It saved my life. So again: Thank youuuuu, @jakey :heart:

Okay, I think this is it!

From -2.25 | -3.0 to -1.0 | -1.0 equalized

Life is so different now, when being able to walk around without glasses, almost no harsh life limitations anymore, except driving and reading small text in mid distances.

But I’m 100% sure now: I will get there. 20 / 20. Next year. Deal.

Thanks for reading this far :wink:



Welcome to the forum … From another -1/ -1 . Would like to hear about your journey from -3ish to -1 also :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome…your story is similar to mine (got glasses for right eye during my teens but thankfully it never really got worse…left eye never became myopic).
EM is something I wish I had known about earlier because having glasses has had a negative impact on my life- but I’m happy to know that you don’t have to be stuck with myopia forever.

Best wishes on dealing with the last diopter!


Well, I would say you had a lot to share. :smiley: Many of us have similar stories here. Glad you felt comfortable enough to not put a pretty box and bow on it. " Better out than in, I say…".

In all seriousness, I know a lot of us on the forum who probably feel about their own stories the same as you do. And it is good to let it off the chest: Less stress means better chance for the eyes to do what they need to do.
Welcome to the forum. You are in good company. I wish you a complete paradigm changer, and a road to no glasses and great eyesight :slightly_smiling_face: