Easy way to experience bates method

Before EM recently took its rightful place as being the main alternative to corrective lenses for myopia the ruling alternative to those lenses was bates method.

For those of you that are curious about the ideas and mechanisms behind bates method there’s a surprisingly easy way to experience most of what bates method entails for yourself. Ready for it?

All you need to do is chop up some onions. Yes darling kittens, just chop 'em up.

Chopping those onions will cause your eyes to water up, get stingy and this will cause the following (bates method) things to start happening:

  • Increased movement, you will start to move your eyes and look away from the chopping board to escape the stingy fluid from the onions. This will give you a good experience as to how the bates eye exercises work.
  • You’ll starts centralizing automatically because your periphery is filled with tear fluid so you can only look at something with the “central” part of your eyesight.
  • You’ll start shifting and looking around because continued gazing at the chopping board will hurt too much.
  • Blinking will be increased significantly because the watery eyes need to be cleared.
  • The final piece of the bates puzzle is relaxation. If you chop up enough onions you’ll be in desperate need to cover your eyes and start palming like crazy to achieve the necessary relaxation.

So there we have it. The most simple way to experience if bates method is something for you. Please do not forget to season the onion with a good grain of salt before serving and taking this all in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I really thought if it was the reality before checking online! :joy:

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i think bates was way ahead of his time however back in his time, people spent much more time outdoors, less time in front of screens and most myopic people had very low myopia anyway. Bates method COULD work to reduce ciliary spasm but its not practical in this age and time. I tried bates before and couldnt stick with it, the execises were boring and only made me obsessed and anxious about improvement. now i only do some palming when i feel that my eyes are strained :smiley:


That is true, to resolve pseudomyopia this would very well work indeed.

Did you guys know that they even have a special retreat for regaining your eyesight using the bates method?
They get huge successes there because they have a very powerful way of keeping you motivated. It’s actually run by a distant relative/descendant of William Bates and the people who go to the retreat almost always leave with their eyesight restored or not at all…

Bates Retreat and motivation

You will succeed or some psycho will come after you for not staying with the program.



Yes, looking at the contour of the Tibetan wheel in both senses made my eyes water like an onion, it’s true… But I thought “no pain no gain” and kept doing that twice a day. :smile: