Eat well eyechart

Dearest kittens,

Today the great grandchild of Dr. Snellen send me this greatly appropriate chart in support of good health and eyesight. Especially amidst this Covid-19 crisis this is more important now than ever before.

Eat well eyechart

Be inspired and enjoy!


Nice to see you are still checking in on the forum from time to time. I hope you and the family are well.
Eating well is open to many different interpretations, and it would be nice if one of the carnivore members could come up with a carnivore specific version of the chart.

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Yeah, I’m lurking around. This covid stuff has me being a schoolteacher and working on a new computer for my practice. Time intensive stuff which I’m really focused on. Less time available for being more active in here. That will change once I’m done with the computer. The practice has been thoroughly cleaned already, so not much left to do after that. Hopefully the schools will reopen after spring break, that will give us much more free time again.

That chart is neutral and fine for a carnivore, you can just use it as is. Of course, if promoting carnivorism is what your after, than this won’t suffice.

We’re doing fine, thanks for caring. How are you holding up in France? All calm and quiet (hopefully) where you’re at?

All’s well here in our rural area. Even in Toulouse, the number of cases is relatively low.
Not as quiet as usual because a group of 5 youngsters have moved into a usually empty holiday home just below us and turned it into a permanent outdoor disco. One of them is the grand-daughter of the owner, so they are not squatters. They are getting high enough to indulge in some very noisy arguments conducted outside in the middle of the night, including the breaking of their own car windows???. After putting up with this for 3 weeks, I asked our mayor to intervene. She has done so and reported their presence to the local gendarmerie - which she was obliged to do anyway - and she has asked them nicely to keep quiet, which they are now doing.
I have no one to teach, but keep on learning. I have just started an online course with the University of Chicago on the functioning of the brain - a bit more challenging than the one I have just done on domestic dogs and cats. Plenty of stuff out there to feed my curiosity.
Stay safe, stay well.


So true. This being at home so much is a bit weird for food. Some days I have a block of chocolate for lunch and toast for dinner. Other days I am more energised and I become some kind of wfpb masterchef.
Definitely appreciating the value of walking more than ever before.

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