Effects of Induced Astigmatism on Foot Placement Strategies

Is this even science? It’s so sad it’s funny.

Summary: Glasses that mess with your vision make you walk funny.

This is particularly important to those of us with high lens powers, where a mis-adjustment of the frame can introduce unintentional cylinder. But we knew that already, the first day we walked out of the optometrist and the floor rolled up or away from us…

" However, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of the effects of cataract surgery [11][13] and optometric interventions [8], [14] on falls rate have not produced the expected reduction."



Closely related:

It reminded me of this old video :sweat_smile:
Actually family and friends still play goggle-football at least once a year.


I’m so uncoordinated. I think changing glasses 3-4 times a year during rapid development years is related.