EM attitudes by family members requires discretion

So sad that something I’m so excited to share, ends up being kept in the proverbial “closet” in a “plain brown wrap.” I find myself putting my Snellen charts away on a shelf and covering them so my husband won’t say it’s a waste of time. Recently, after ordering my lens test kit, which I was very excited to do, so I can check my progress more easily, my husband saw the order and said…”you’re crazy, you can’t use that, people go to school for years and YEARS to learn to do that.” And I laughed, of course…so many years required to ask, “which is better, this or this?” While flipping a lens? I guess the optometry profession is safe…the exulted ones will keep their profits. Anyone else hiding from family comments? I’ve had so much lovely progress, but since not yet at 20/20, I am still staying quiet, except for this lovely forum…:slight_smile:


I mean, first they laugh at you, and before you know it you’re planning the FB post you’ll put out when you’ve successfully reversed your myopia. It’s hard to argue when the people who go to school for years and YEARS are telling you that your eyes have improved.

I’ve become my own proof here: family started off thinking it’s rubbish and I’m gonna hide carrots under my pillows as ‘this one simple trick’. Now not so much :stuck_out_tongue:


I know that feeling.
But they can no longer shrug it off as bullshit, since I am in fact now able to read the screen without glasses.

Still I can’t convince anyone to try out the method…


There’s gredations of proof I think. I can basically read screens without glasses now, but the same people who still don’t care might care more once I’ve fully reversed my myopia.


Well, I can certainly relate to this. I have a little less than -0.25 D astigmatism (down from -0.75) that I’m almost rid of because it bugs me to not see perfectly, and my wife has -10D myopia and trusts the doctors to increase her prescription every year.

As you know, it’s not really that much harder than taking your temperature with a thermometer or measuring your heart rate or blood pressure, or weighing yourself with a scale, but most people won’t invest 20 minutes to figure it out…

They sure are. I’m kind of amazed at how everybody is always on board with trying to lose 20 pounds with lifestyle, diet and exercise, but you’re the weirdo for fixing your own eyesight instead of just getting LASIK. It’s like the “official medical advice” is just to eat chips and ice-cream and drink soda and go in for liposuction and new stents for your arteries since weight only goes up over time.

“Weight is entirely genetic, it can only be adjusted through surgery. The people who lost weight are just delusional, only a doctor can measure your weight accurately…”

Either opposites attract or your husband should run off with my wife…


I know this struggle. I had at least three family members that were sure I was imagining everything up till I showed them my optometrist confirmed improvements.
My husband has never been supportive, to the point I have yet to give him even the short version of what I am doing. He can’t understand, even if he didn’t have far too much faith in his opto, he is quite content in his -1.25 glasses… So I too hide my snellen chart between screenings. I did place text references in the house but they are deliberately discreet.
And anyone who has shown even a little interest never follows through :frowning: Two years in and it still boggles my mind that people really just don’t care. I think that is why so many of us compromise our gainz by being on the forum so much! :joy: We really just need that sense of connection that we aren’t as isolated and alone with this journey as it feels.
I know EM isn’t right for everyone, but I will always feel that everyone should know that they are making a choice. People smoke, eat fast food, drink copious amounts of alcohol and more; knowing that it isn’t a great idea but they are making an informed choice to do it anyways. Most would do the same with vision correction, but the failing has always been that people don’t even know that they are making a choice. That is the part that makes me angry! Medical doctors free themselves of liability by telling you eat right and exercise, most people don’t but then you have a multitude of health issues that you can’t lay at the dr’s feet because they told you to do better and you chose not to. Optometry should be held accountable to do the same. We would still be the odd ones out but it would be health nut status rather than far out crazy space alien status. And this will always be true even if we can make them accountable to the above mentioned point:


I have a friend who is into all kinds of crazy (and not-so-crazy) self-improvement stuff. He does keto with alternate day fasting, he’s always taking handfuls of supplements, works out with an expensive personal trainer, has done all kinds of things to successfully modify his personality, has expensive cosmetic dentistry that he deeply regrets… wears thick glasses and has zero interest in improving his eyesight even though he’s probably drifting into dangerously high-myopia. It’s not that he doesn’t believe it’s possible to improve his eyesight, it’s just that he doesn’t think there’s any problem with losing his eyesight since he’s on the computer so much anyway and has worn glasses his whole life. He’s more worried about his thinning hair!

I think it’s just assumed by a lot of people that everyone will eventually need glasses. To me it’s like just planning on having to wear dentures…


People have strange priorities… :confused:


I get it, on some level. Beauty and vanity and self-esteem are important.

But to me sight is such an important thing that everybody depends on every day. It’s kind of crazy to let it slip away if you don’t have to.

I think in my friend’s case in particular his vision has never been very good so he doesn’t have a sense of missing out as it gets progressively worse. It’s just funny to me because he’s so fully on board with all the other self-improvement stuff and unlike most people he actually makes it work for him by putting in maximum effort.

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I think EM should have a 1 diopter challenge to bring in such newbies (who are into alternative health ideas). Basically, challenge these people to reduce atleast 1 diopter from their full correction in 3 months.

I can understand back to 20/20 might seem too daunting & long haul for some people. 1 diopter is more doable and seems easy.
Once they reduce any diopters, its difficult to go back to the normal mode. People get hooked… to dropping diopters…:grin:


My family and friends (80% of them wearing glasses):
At the beginning: she has a new hobby
Now after opto confirming no need for glasses: these things only happen to you, good for you

I have an eyechart in the study room, I have tumbling Es as decoration in the kitchen on the cabinet door (I cut off the marks on the sides so it is only the Es), and a lamp in the bedroom (after Snellen got banned)


I relate to this. When the question was asked in a thread why we want to reverse myopia, I didn’t have an answer for my lifestyle. My vision use is mainly near for everything. I only want to because it’s mine - and I can - and I want to be in charge of it.


I had a friend go do something called “Landmark forum” some years back. A self improvement / discovery, something something course.

It’s kind of huge, actually, can find it in any number of cities.

He was super excited about it. Came back with all kinds of new vocabulary and ideas and wanting to share all the things he discovered.

Sounded like a crazy person, to me.

It took me two years of observing him to convince myself he didn’t join some cult. I think maybe our brains are careful about sudden changes and large degrees of change and ideas that seem far fetched.

Turns out he was fine, luckily it wasn’t a cult.

I always think of this when the topic of enthusiasm comes up and how people react. The more enthusiasm, the more alarming it is to them. Probably best for all parties to seem low key about it, even IF it actually is pretty exciting to be able to notably and positively alter how you see the world. :yum:


The problem being that there is so much ground work to lay to get them there, so in fact by the time they know that much they will know much of the method anyways.

I have many reasons, but yours is 100% one of them


The thing is, you don’t “lose your eyesight” as you get more myopic, I was at 5 diopters of myopia for at least 20 years, yet my vision was eagle-eyed with glasses, was perfect for astronomy telescope use naked eye, and I had this awesome close up macro-style vision to boot! So really, until you get actual medical issues with the eye, there is little loss to being myopic in today’s day and age.

When I first did an EM type reversal on my own 17 years ago, I eventually bailed after the initial gains after 6-9 months. Why? Well back then I didn’t know how long it takes, and and I realized that I’d need to wear glasses most of the day even at 20/20. Why? Eyestrain. When I’m on the PC for hours (it’s my job, so this won’t change), I used to get eyestrain headaches. I found that adding some plus to my prescription fixed that. Thus, at 20/20, I still will need plus glasses just to avoid debilitating headaches. So what is the point of “fixing” my vision, if I’m still wearing glasses much of the time, I thought, and bailed.

This time I’m doing it to prove to myself that it can be done. That’s pretty much the main reason, though a powerful one. I want to see the world at a distance sharp naked eye again. But I can see the world just as sharp right now as I will then, simply by wearing the right prescription.

So I totally get why most wouldn’t care to do this, especially since I was the same way 17 years ago.


Glasses are fashionable, right now at least. There are celebs wearing planos to appear smarter (not working… :wink: ).

I am one for thirteen at getting people interested in this EM thing. Gotta want it. The easy path is much more convenient.


I have two not in glasses today that would otherwise be, one in near work glasses she had never considered before, another on the fence of fully committed but reduced by opto twice, and still another taking a very casual approach but down by .5 passed the over correction I helped her sort about a year ago. But the rest all politely listen then move on. Some of who thought I was making it up till I showed them opto confirmed improvements.

100% the reality, :cry: