EM working just fine!

I went to the optometrist today and had my eyes measured. I got the same measurement as last year R -1.25 and L -2.75 but visus increased from 0.95 to 1.20. Awesome that my eyes are capable of seeing so clearly without cilinder.
And where the autorefractor measured last year a cilinder R -1.25 and L -1.00 it was yesterday on both eyes -0.75. So the dumping of the cilinder seems to have paid off in extra clarity and less double vision in the left eye. As for the right eye still no idea where to notice the astigmatism.
I am happy but also slightly puzzled as I was measuring L 56 to 70 cm. I must have ignored the first signs of blur. I find it difficult to measure accurately with the astigmatism.

The diopter gap is still the same 1.50. Last year I started my journey with R -1.25 and L -2.00 halving the gap. I couldn’t engage my left eye but that changed when I exercised it as the dominant eye for some hours a day. Right now according to my measurements the gap is 1.00 although I take them now with a grain of salt (wearing R -0.75 L -1.75).
I decided to start all over again, using the optometrist’s measurements as the starting point and ordered the missing glasses in my collection L -2.50 and L -2.25 so my test lense kit is complete. Waiting for them to arrive.


This is very good! That means you are on the right track :+1: :relaxed:

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