Endmyopia: 1 Year Update- First optometry checkup

So I went back to the optometrist about a year after my first visit. These are the results.
Last year:


So this left eye was overprescribed from the start. What perplexed me the most was this cylindrical correction. I don’t have any astigmatism in the left eye, it’s perfectly clear with regular spherical correction. Just sort of a neutral progress update I guess. I’m glad that I didn’t worsen and am looking forward to continuing the Endmyopia journey.


Have you experimented not bringing your glasses and trying a new optometrist? Just for the sake of exploring …


So when they measure, they don’t actually use the old glasses during the exam. First, there’s an autorefractor test with that hot air balloon to focus on. Then the doctor will try different lens with the phoropter machine and basically try to tune it to where you can see the best. I think it would definitely be interesting to see what a different optometrist would prescribe. It definitely feels super subjective, since I clearly don’t have any astigmatism haha. She just said it will help you see better.

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Jakey is right…try another optometrist. Can share my opthalmologist experience. Had been going to him since childhood. He had all my eye records.

At my last appointment with him, his assistant then he, both measured my vision using the autorefractor and the eye chart (this is the normal procedure at his clinic).

As per him, there was no change in my vision. I had to emphatically tell him 2-3 times that my then correction was too strong for me.

He became upset with me, trying to get him to lower my ‘prescription’. He then reduced it by 0.75 but was unhappy doing it. This time he did not even get me to read out the alphabets on the Snellen.

Fortunately, this was the week after beginning EM and I knew that this was an improvement. Ordered new glasses and even with the reduced number I could read 20/15 at night.

Opticians and even opthalmologists (most of them) do not reduce prescriptions, even if they see a marked improvement. They are so convinced that vision cannot be improved. It is better for all concerned if they are given no past prescription. That way even you would be about as sure as you could be, that the number given to you does not have a past bias.


This is how I read 2021’s measurement:
You managed to reduce 0.125D from the left eye. Vertically you are closer to -3.25D but horizontally you are closer to -3.50D. Overall you are at about -3.375D but there are no lenses for that. You wouldn’t notice this tiny lagging behind of the horizontal axis if you didn’t get it measured.

Are you wearing differentials for close up?

Just to add to my previous point.
People with astigmatism will see the lines on one of the squares blurrier than on the other squares. People even without astigmatism will perceive a bit of difference from one circle to the other one when checking with one eye only. Maybe not close-up but as going further and further from the images, it will kick in at some point. This is perfectly normal as no eye is perfectly round.
As technology advances, machines can measure the smallest imperfections in the eyes and as optos are not updating their knowledge to understand this they will correct the smallest imperfections to perfection with diopters :worried:


Yes my differentials are now OS -1.25 OD -1.75.