Endmyopia App Madness! 😂 Progress Update

Just a little update in the long saga that is our efforts to get endmyopia into the smartphone app ages. :grimacing:

Yes, still very very much a behind-the-scenes, ongoing project! Not quite worth downloading just yet - but getting a lot closer.

Some screenshots:

The goal, recap: Having all the many endmyopia platform pieces in one place. From guides to videos to podcasts to community stuff, just one app.

And from there, being able to tailor content and experience based on your input. Diopters, measurements, questions, pointing you to the most relevant content for you.

Lots and lots of behind the scenes to adapt the various many Web bits into a native phone app. Since Apple finally approved all of our stuff that’s been the effort for the last while.

All Website articles, YouTube videos, our podcast, and the 7 day e-mail guide all in one place. Really like that we finally hopefully will get out of the e-mailing guides dark ages, where things forever get lost in spam filters and forgotten and otherwise amiss.

Also all the language translations we have, finally will find a home.

Meow-suring is currently being integrated into the app, along with the user account to store logs. Once that’s all there then we can start offering content recommendations based on activity and measuring and feedback.

Exciting stuff!

Will also have the courses available as in-app purchase. Keep Apple happy and also hopefully be able to offer a more tailored experience over time.

None of this makes total sense from a “but will this make money” perspective as usual, and is even a lot more expensive than a lot of other past stuff. A full time iOS (and Android!) developer is no small investment but … the ongoing hunch is that we could leverage technology to help people better connect with this whole eyesight story.

We’ll see. Or you’ll see Jakey’s Patreon and GoFundMe and my updates from the roadside shopping cart life Instagramz. :grimacing:

If all goes semi well, we’ll eventually have version 1 up and running proper, then we’ll get an Android version started.

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Yea. At some point I want to get some of the things we’re learning from the Windows logging tool and apply them to the iOS measuring app. It’s still very, very basic.