Endmyopia Designers, Visual Storytelling Magicians?

:yum: Any Designers Floating Around Our Community?

So one of the obviously much neglected parts of endmyopia is the visually pleasant details.

Working on the mobile app (which has absolutely no design). All our social media (just look at the header of this forum), no design. Same for the FB group. Nevermind the YouTube stuff, just unscripted rambles.

All of everything of course could use some kind of unifying visual touch.

It’s one of the things I keep putting off since in some ways it’s better to have no design than something that doesn’t quite fit. And finding what fits can easily turn into an expensive adventure. Time consuming also.

Of course there are a million designer freelancers online. And endless sites with templates and things. They don’t really know us though, or the intricate weirdness of the actual endmyopia.

All this just to say … meow? If you happen to be into graphic design, illustration, visual story telling, and especially if you like things slightly strange and funky, and want to maybe make endmyopia have a bit of a style - PM me. :wink:


Not my skill set, but I imagine there are some in the community that come from this corner… hope they find inspiration to pitch in.


Yea designers are various dimes a various dozens. Hardest part is digging through and finding a good fit.


Yea used that for the endmyopia redesign at one point. Pretty neat.

Maybe EM needs to find a graphic guru instead of a magician!

I would call this more fan art rather than graphic design :rofl:


If I didn’t have so many jobs as it is I would be totally down. If that ever changes I’ll let you know.

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