Endmyopia: Down By 63%

I spend a fair bit of time looking at charts. This particular one, not completely encouraging.

How much of this drop is attributed to google?

Reading this and I immediately ‘came back’* to Facebook just to share EM website (again) and share this on WhatsApp (again)

*I on purpose have been ‘Fb fasting’ for sometime :sweat_smile:

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All. We had some “SEO guys” working and apparently we got a bunch of questionable backlinks. Google update, penalty, bam.

Of course disavowed since but back to my previous theory that I don’t like SEO. People will say “oh those guys sucked that’s why” but … now there’s YMYL to look for and Google digging further into natural language AI search stuff, I still don’t find temptation in trying to “fix” it with more SEO.

Outreach I think is where it’s at (and a more accessible / well explained front end of the Website). Issue is that I can’t do it and getting others to do it means $$$$ as well as still more time that I don’t quite have available, and more general stuff that doesn’t fall into the category of “Jake’s morning tea / coffee casual procrastination and fun project”.

It has to stay fun for me to have the “fun time” part of my day for it, and it’s really testing the “fun” aspect this year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Ted Talk? https://www.ted.com/about/partner-with-ted

I’m not sure how to get the advertisements up with the all natural types. For some reason the topic of wearing glasses is not a big deal to those that have a less mainstream approach. I have tried to make a suggestion to the people that I have heard talk about health and I can only assume they have not looked into it. Perhaps it is just 1 person that will which opens up the conversation. But the question is who?

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Based on observations over the past year (YMYL shafted a lot of businesses) the way forward, apart from getting links from “reputable” (high authority) websites, is focusing on the keyphrases that drive the most traffic to your website that are most likely to convert, and create pages rich in content that address these keyphrases (be it detailed information on a topic, answering a question, step by step guide etc).

Case studies are worth your time. Having a dedicated section on your website with several case studies with statistical data behind it can be a driving force for keeping users on the website which in turn feeds into ranking better. In the case of Endmyopia, i’m not sure offhand how this would work, but focusing on individuals, where and when they started, the progress they made, how they did it etc. The content already exists in the forum, you could ask specific members if they would like to be featured, make the story about them, make it larger than life and sell the s**t out of it!

Reviews like this can help too - https://www.trustpilot.com/review/endmyopia.org. You could get in touch with Trustpilot and ask if you can feature these reviews on your website with a link pointing back to them. If you even just placed the average score in the footer of every page on your website with the total number of reviews you can update your website’s structured data schema to have the 5 star average appear on Google’s search results page (under all links that contain the review stats).

If Endmyopia can find its way onto Wikipedia that can make a difference as Google throws Wikipedia into it’s search results page a lot of the time. How you go about doing that is a whole other beast to tackle.


Those are all solid suggestions. Thanks for taking the time, Michael!

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