Endmyopia Episode On Improvement Pill

Rich has the YouTubes. 2.3 million subscribers, making video things:

He started a podcast somewhat recently and (naturally, of course, who else :nerd_face:) we were his first guest. Still a fair bit of chatter about how and what we might collaborate on further, possibly some videos on his channel or various possibilities. Held up mostly by an old guy with a giant beard being behind on things on his end. Maybe though will turn into something interesting …

The episode: The Other Pill Podcast (By Improvement Pill) | Podcast on Spotify




That’s another good one. It helps a lot to have a clear-thinking interviewer who’s actually interrested in your information and not just in projecting himself. This guy is a great interlocutor.

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This MAY have just been the point I would have found out about EM if I hadn’t gotten so lucky finding it earlier too. And I sure do love me some EM :dragon_face:


Wow. Was that just organic commentry or the must subtly glorious bit of carefully engineered social subterfuge?

Either awesome, or … awesome! :joy: