Endmyopia Facebook Group: 20.000 Members

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Not pushing for big numbers or dramatic growth. Let the thing evolve organically. Not buying likes and views and engagements, because want to see what actually happens. In times of Internet influencers and all the huge numbers, 20k is a drop in the bucket.

But still. Me thinks we are sort of on the right track. :thinking:


I think so. This kind of thing takes decades to go more main stream. I like the podcasts you decide to go on. I think slow growth and finding people who are very interested first is best. It would be exhausting and counterproductive to try to reach audiences who have very little or no interest. I like your goal of 500 episodes of the Short Sighted Podcast. Maybe I will be on that Podcast one day! (I don’t like my face on the internet either)

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That’d be awesome, Ben. Would love to have you on for a chat, when you’re ready. :smiley: