Endmyopia Facebook Group Hits 9,999 Members

No signs of slowing down, with dozens of new member requests every day.


Facebook stats claims that the group is quite active, too:

It’s great for validating that endmyopia is a thing people want to discuss. Unlike e-mails and private forums, the “social proof” benefit of Facebook is undeniable.

And yet I’m not a big fan of the compromise, giving Facebook more screen time, more user metrics, more “engagement”. Also there’s nothing to stop them from shutting down our group if some big lens advertiser on Facebook doesn’t like our message. Or just the weird direction free speech seems to be going in the US / Europe lately, I like to be less part of platforms that may be part of agendas.

Next goal is to move some of the productive conversation from Facebook to our own group here. Le Meow!

No very specific plan yet how to accomplish that, feedback always welcome. For now I’m happy with you guys being here and us figuring out together how to make the best use of this kind of community platform.


Well, with more and more people joining Le Meow, while still keeping up some ‘plz-bro filter’, the good conversations will automatically end up here. It might not be the case for everyone, but now that I’m on the forum, I prefer asking questions or trigger discussions here and not on the Facebook group. I find it’s really easier to keep track of everything on a forum too.

Maybe some good conversations already happened on Facebook, but I’m pretty sure the same topic will spawn here soon or later, since the whole subject of myopia is kinda ‘limited’ in a way. Meaning that most people end up wondering about the same things again and again, from what I’ve seen.

Another difference for now would be the gains-related posts that are way more numerous on Facebook than on here, but given a bit of time and increase in participants, that chould do the trick. For curious people there are a lot of to be found on the blog anyway. Also stuff is so HARD to find on the Facebook group, unless you find the right keywords and do a search, that all the gains posts are not that obvious.


Yea true, There’s a place for everything.

I like the gains reports on Facebook. I used to get a fair bit of e-mail from people wondering if I fake all the e-mail reports (if only I was anywhere near that motivated for any kind of work). Since Facebook there’s almost none of that. Adds some level of credibility to personal accounts, when they’re tied to that familiar platform.