Endmyopia half way point review

Hello all fellow EMers, my name is Eric and I am in the adult Back to 20/20 program at the halfway point.

So far I have found this journey to be incredible, I admit I was hesitant when I first came across Endmyopia. I had done limited eye exercises and plus lens therapy in the past but with no real permanent gains. The Back to 20/20 program was definitely expensive but after doing a lot of reading on the forum and all the content and expertise from Jake in posts and videos I decided to put my toe in the water and did the Le Rough Guide.

The Le Rough Guide was awesome, I was really blown away with all the information and quality of the content. I immediately started thinking that the full Back to 20/20 program was just to good to miss out on. The thing that really sold me though was at the end of the Le Rough Guide Jake sent out a survey on how I liked the Guide. I wrote my review and he sent me a detailed message and really said to me this guy is all in and really focused on my vision improvement. Shortly after that correspondence I took a good look at the full blown Back to 20/20 adult program again.

One of the things that really jumped out at me was something Jake said. How often could you buy a self help book or take a course on line and have access to asking the author or instructor personal questions. The ability to have access to a subject matter expert or in this case a cool Bearded GURU is almost unheard of. Once I factored that in, the cost of the program became irrelevant, this is a unique one of a kind program that has no rival in my opinion, and there is no one on the planet that has more time and experience in reducing Myopia.

If you truly want to reduce myopia, this is the team that can get it done. Also when you look at the Back to 20/20 program preview course line up I have to admit I was very curious and excited to see what was in all these lesson titles.

I am so glad that I started this program and have been seeing great results and learning a ton from Jake and all the EMers in the forum. This program is wonderful.

Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this community.




Thanks Eric! I do care a lot about all this stuff and I do always wonder how these materials go over. It is a sometimes odd process process to make all of these resources but then not be able to see or experience the other side. So reviews and updates, super helpful!

Do feel free to find me in the support forum anytime also, I do check in there daily to answer questions. Much appreciate all updates.

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