📲 Endmyopia iOS App Updates: Facelift!

Calling all iOS developers familiar with Apple and their amazing app store rejection policies: How do we get our app into the app store?

They insist that self measuring a distance is a type of … “medical diagnostic”. :laughing:
Which in itself is hilarious and rather quite telling of where we are at, society wise and babysitting law wise. No, you as your own grown-ass adult can not self measure a distance. Only a DOCTOR can do that. You, can’t be trusted with that sort of complexity.

Which ironically is exactly what optometrists do, and ALL that optometrists do. So in a way, Apple is right. You can’t be trusted with a measuring tape, or digital equivalent.

All that ranted, how do we get into the app store? My thoughts:

  1. A beard-measuring app. Wink, nudge. Dress it all up as a sarcastic beard measuring app. (then of course still get rejected because f*ck)

  2. A face-distance measuring app. Way less fun or funny, but maybe a little obscure.

Who knows.

We have to get an app on there that allows you to measure a distance to your eyes. That’s the whole point.

And before anyone gets started with Android comments. Yes yes I know Android exists and we could just give up and make the thing for Android. Not the answer I’m looking for here.

Also, any artists that would be up for contributing any beard measuring visuals? Otherwise community contributions to make this thing get past the little half witted contractor censors employed by papa Apple?

See below, current app which provides “medical diagnostics”. :wink:


Amazing app! Can we just change the name to Horizon, since it measures distance to blur horizon? Endmyopia increases our horizon…

Doubt that alone will get it un-rejected from Apple.

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There are iOS apps that are “medical diagnostic” so that’s not the whole issue. What do they say about why YOU cannot get approved? If they give you this info maybe there is an angle to take where you could technically become qualified to submit such an app. For instance, setting up an LLC with a “medical diagnostic” sounding name, website, and description wouldn’t be so difficult.

I’m technically a minister and can marry people because I filled out a form online for free and got “certified” by some obscure religious institute. :rofl:


Medical diagnostic apps require regulatory approval documents. Which means, getting regulatory approval. Which means … :yen:

Oh, sorry to hear that. I just found an article about Visibly getting pulled too. I hope there’s a way around these hurdles.

That’s really ridiculous that the app apparently counts as a diagnosis, even with any mention of diopter removed. I agree a sillier direction should be taken to remove any doubt that it is a medical app. The people reviewing the app probably got spooked about the term “blur horizon” and the word “results”. I think the beard measurement idea and going cold turkey on any spooky words will work. Then it’s just a matter of adding an update that lets you convert your cms into inches, millimetres, or Universal Beard Units. Just a funny coincidence than UBUs follow the diopter equation perfectly!


I can’t wait for the beard measurement app, to confuse them further when all the ladies start using it :laughing:
Not that I have an iPhone myself but, hypothetically speaking.

It hurts sometimes that we are taken for idiots to this extent and “protected” from apps when it’s so hard to get decent healthcare and when junk food is being marketed 24/7 to us and our kids. Not the first sign of society’s hypocrisy, not the last.


Dress it up as a mobile game and on level 3 it takes you to the measuring app?


More importantly, what kind of design should we go for for beard measuring? Not an artist.

Some initial 5min ugly sketch


Today’s video was intense! :hot_face:

Could you trojan horse your way into the App Store by making it a simple logging tool only and then add the built in measuring component later?

There are all types of logging apps and many of them for health related things like body weight, how many pushups completed, etc. I would hope they couldn’t justify blocking a manual logging of measurement app. Then if that is allowed it would take some mental gymnastics for them to say automating that process somehow magically turns it into a medical diagnostic app.

I would focus on getting your foot in the door and go from there.

P.S. I’d like to discuss blaming profit, but we’ll save that for another day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Maybe modify the app to measure distance to a credit card?
Don’t tell them that you are going to put the card on your forehead :zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face:
Maybe contact card is better to avoid potential credit card related issues


How did this PD measuring app get approved?

Or this


…perhaps as a mechanism for calibrating the camera in some way ?

…or under the guise of measuring pupil distance, for when ordering glasses online ?

  • Doh!
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Another idea: What if you add a disclaimer that users had to accept before using it that said something like this app is for educational purposes only and not for medical diagnostics. Consult an ophthalmologist, bla bla bla…

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Already added my two cents in YouTube comments. Obscure may be the only way, and less official looking. You could rename the app LeMeow after this forum though and kitten theme everything, it’s a bit obscure but not to EndMyopians. Beside even Apple can reject kittens :wink:. It is going to take a lot more though to get it pushed through I guess :unamused: which totally stinks because you have already put so much into it. :persevere:


I guess that key tech is in app is distance calculation
Which API do you use? ARKit? Can you point me to the documentation of distance calculation function?
We could check if it is available as a web api (to be used within safari browser) so we could bypass app store and make a web app (it could as well be added as an icon to the screen)
I am software developer…


This is clearly the only solution. We can call it Laser Kittehs where you use your eyes as laser beams to shoot at blind kittens to make them see again. It will superimpose a beard and surgery garb on you and place you in a surgical background where the kittens will stumble around wearing those old-person sunglasses and tapping a cane.