🎧 Endmyopia on Livethefuel Podcast

Did two podcasts this morning. One of them was also broadcast live: https://www.facebook.com/livethefuel/videos/1420580414762563/?hc_ref=ARTbdGI1VIUlxgis233-57bhKgtjxCW6Mz_Y_V9VrCG388ODdZdSRuhl5qMk1Ns3RYY&fref=gs&dti=560893680770705&hc_location=group

For sure struggle each time to talk myself into not bailing just before it’s time to go on. Talking to people, especially early morning or late evening, not the Jakey comfort zone.

But the word’s gotta get out, and Google is no longer doing all our heavy lifting.

If you want to contribute contacting podcasts or know somebody who does, always could use more hands / eyes / minds to make these happen!

(some of the other ones we’ve done that are also uploaded to YouTube, in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgB_5pbB86GiHLNAPzDgYN0jmEZT6o0Oe)


Well done. You are getting better and better at this podcast thing. I thought you were courteous and informative, upbeat, yet low key.

I chuckled a bit when he mentioned Jack Kruse at the beginning. And you were super polite.

I thought you did very well not overwhelming the host with information. I like how you made very clear and simple points about the basics of screen time and distance glasses during closeup. And then expanded into the use of Google Scholar (as you usually suggest). And then into additional information as the interview developed. I find it so easy to give too much information and give people the idea improving vision is complicated or hard. Maybe this way you can suck them into our world!

And I thought you did really well meeting the host where he was at in his point of view and responding to him appropriately. I also thought the host had some really good questions and it is obvious he did some research into your website before hand.

I liked how your reciprocated his offer to put you into contact with another podcaster by asking for something of his to put on your website to encourage your readers to check out his website.

Excellent job! Thanks, Jake!!


Thank you, Shelly. That was a very thorough analysis.

Sort of what I go through re-watching these things and self-critiquing.

To be fair here, Scott made it really easy. And yes, have been working on toning down the onslaught of information, and delivering smaller bits, letting the host catch up and try to develop more of a conversation than an endmyopia advertising monologue.

I’ve been avoiding contacting larger podcast till this works somewhat reliably, or at least it seems that the conversations have a good flow.

Scott did make it easy though since he both had great questions and obviously is genuinely passionate about these discoveries - some of the other podcasts feel like the host is just using the platform to try to grow an audience for their products, or otherwise just collect episodes. :smiley:

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Do we have a thread going that lists all of the podcasts that might be interested in endmyopia?

We don’t. But we should.

The podcast research minions use this search engine: https://www.listennotes.com

And then we have Hubspot for e-mailing, tracking interest, open rates, pipeline, and “closed deals” (yes, using a sales and prospecting tool for podcasts - no messing around).

It’s becoming increasingly more focused as lessons about this whole thing keep being learned. Not the least of which of course is me finding a way not to appear like either a robot nor a Boston terrier on ADHD meds while talking to podcast hosts.

(if all this effort was put into selling supplements or talking about fitness or hair loss or something, this would actually probably be making some decent money) :smiley:

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Dear Jake,

All of your videos are interesting, podcasts too.

But this podcast is really missed point. This guy is too hiperactive, talking about his clients… who care about his podcast clients(???).

He needed to ask questions and you needed to talk, not the other way around. He talked about most of the time, and you barely got the word out to show the concept of Active Focus.

Totally missed podcast, because of podcast owner. And the atmosphere was tense, not relaxing, which is very important when talking about such delicate things. I didn’t learn anything from this podcast. Guy sounded like washing machine.

You were, cool, as usual. Just keep going. :wink:

PS. I have web page and 2 alternative web page on FB (170k & 45K followers), and I will put your videos on it. Videos need more views.

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Yea I see what you’re saying.

I think he’s genuinely passionate, though also. That and I had not slept at all the night prior and was honestly kind of happy to not do an hour monologue either way. :smiley: And I did actually enjoy the chat … we stayed on after the recording for a while talking about wilderness firefighters and stuff. Dude’s nuts.

Curious about your Facebook stuff. Want to share? On that front too … we have some shorter versions of some of my videos that tend to work better as introductions. Just in case.