Endmyopia On Real Talk Podcast

Great chat with Jimmy!



Enjoyed Jimmy’s energy. He spoke almost (more?) as much as you did, Jake :smile: He seems to be very passionate about things.

As to you not being brave enough, naah will disagree! You put yourself out there a lot. People are still too comfortable with contacts/ glasses/ surgery options. That too will change one day, as it has with diabetes/ blood pressure and all…

The programming with not wearing the correct subscription goes deep. It’s too engrained into people that a weaker prescription (just 0.25 less that too) will result into all sorts of disasters.

Whereas with diet, you either eat this or that, Carnivore or Vegan or whatever… though you continue eating. You feel safer choosing from option a or b. Not like glasses, where you are told to constantly wear them. When someone comes around and says “differentials”, that would be akin to the world turning upside down. People who are desperate to reverse their myopia, will give it a go. Others 🤷 …may come aboard later.


image This is going to be good. Thanks for the walk podcast of the day. image

Edit: was good. Never listen to the lawyers

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The podcast in video form with adjusted intro.


He very much is. We might have another chat soon, part of my side idea of having podcast hosts come chat about their most interesting guests and things they’ve learned. It’s half an ad to promote their show (incentive for them) and half a handy ‘shortcut’ for us to glean the potentially most worthwhile insights and worthwhile episodes (incentive for us?).

I can’t ever watch or listen to any of these. I need my self image to not include any of that reflection of reality. :joy: