Endmyopia On Telegram

Endmyopia on Telegram

Looks like we’re trying out a Telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/aPMsz7WEzWozZDM0

This isn’t my own initiative but it’s been asked about and also set up recently. If you’re into Telegram, check it out. Since this is the first time I mention it, you may find yourself among the first to join. 😬

Thanks to @Laurens for thinking of this avenue and setting it up


I anyway use telegram so sure, signed up :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll have to take a look at it at some point.

I don’t use any of these things for my personal life. I don’t understand the appeal of Twitter or Facebook, and I don’t want to casually chat on discord. Super ill equipped to run an Internet thing, not even my beard is real.

We need some kind of Internet channel things manager.


I only use telegram, because we used to chat on Viber with my wife (well she was only future wife back then, so it’s many years back now), but it started to behave weirdly and was maybe not working for a few days and it was the same time when telegram got into the news. So we tried it and it works great since then. I don’t use it for anything else though, not even speaking with other people :slight_smile: (that’s usually messenger because almost everybody has it)


Can one talk, or is it announcements only?


It’s broadcast only for now to keep it clean. We might set up a chat channel alongside it if the need arises.

Can I deal you and @halmadavid in as admins?

@jakey, you can opt to only install the desktop version of telegram on your laptop to keep your phone clear of this.


Cool cool. Here’s some possible alternative icons taken from the telegram colour palette


Love these, I’ll grand you admin rights so you can have at it

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Preference for either one? Maybe telegram one

Nvm done already :eyecon:

Telegram also has a web version: https://web.telegram.org/ So not even downloading and installing is needed.

And sure I can be an admin although I don’t know what that means in this case :slight_smile:


I liked the eye a bit better, The telegram logo is present enough already throughout

You and Andrew can post/edit messages and manage the channel like I can. Easy to share worthwhile posts or videos from somewhere in the EM realm.

Telegram has installable PC client and also a web client. We’ve just mentioned both a few post ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is kind of like everytime I read how the American president has the keys to the country’s nukes. Does that seem wise?

Kidding. Andrew is the only one here young enough to understand how these things even work. When I was his age we still had rotary telephones.

You bet. My phone has no social stuff on it. :yum:


Shall we turn this channel public on Telegram already? Since it’s broadcast only there’s hardly any reason to keep it private.


Make sense to me.

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Is that why a search result shows up as non existent? I could not search and find it but there were a bunch of others from multiple countries. Just not the official. And hey How is that garden going!!!


It’s set to public now, general link for now is this one: Telegram: Contact @endmyopiaofficial

Garden is doing well, some challenges with lice, but for the most part everything is coming along nicely. Have a look at a small portion:

On the right a huge zucchini plant, in the middle next to the Magnolia tree Swiss chard and on the left Yellow Zucchini. I also have many herbs that are going great, tomatoes are forming. It’s going pretty well so far for a novice.

Thanks for asking :smiley:. Any strides that you where able to make where you’re @?

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Well I have gone to container gardening. I put things in the ground and it just doesn’t take off. I had a great zucchini going but the wind was bad and snapped its base. I had one delicious zucchini from it. But now it is monsoon her and things grow like weeds. So I have a tomato watermelon and cucumber in pots and hope they produce. My orange tree has beautiful oranges this year. Our climate is not ideal for citrus trees due to the winter so Yes they are in pots too. But I still get eggs from the chickens daily. My most productive animals. I wonder if you have looked at ice age farmer on youtube.