Endmyopia On The Alternative Health Tools Podcast

Latest endmyopia interview, on the Alternative Health Tools Podcast:



Another great one!

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There’s so many health podcasts out there!! Do most podcasts promote mutually exclusive health worldviews, or are they all sort of agreeable with each other?

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They are just as similar and agreeable as the people in the world are. :wink:


I think their worldviews are actually complementary, but in order to sell, you need “absolute” statements. All chronic illness is caused by insert a random factor and so insert random method is the only way you can manage/heal/prevent them. The reality is that different people need different combinations, but this paradigm leads to people who are overly focused on one aspect of health to the exclusion of all others. Good to see Jake on so many of them, so at least now everyone who wants to take responsibility for their health (through whatever means) can cure their eyesight :smile: (and as a side-effect, that allows me to discover new things that might be relevant to me)


For real. So many people pick one specific (and otherwise seemingly random) thing, pile up a bunch of study references around it, call it “the solution”, of course sell some program, and then recommend all the other things everybody else does. :joy:

But hey. Seems in many ways that just having a guide, reassurance, your own camp of fellow peoples, anything to get you away from sugar and processed food and a sedentary lifestyle, will be useful. :man_shrugging:

Yes. Like when I discovered CAC scan because of Ivor Cummins. Totally worth it.