Endmyopia on the Highwire

Hi there fine Kittens,

This week The Highwire launched it’s brand new social media platform and community called the Highwire Community. It’s a censorship free alternative to Facebook and the like and we can expect a lot of people that are really interested in the truth about many things in this world to join there and connect. I’ve registered the Endmyopia group. We’ll have to see what it evolves into, but it’s a good thing to have another platform for exposing this great holistic path towards perfect natural vision.

If you are interested, the group is to be found here: Endmyopia

And if someone wants to help out in sending out relevant new posts from the EM realm, please contact me in here of over there and I’ll gladly have your help to get more EM stuff out there.

In closing (in case you missed it), EM also has a channel on Telegram now: Telegram: Contact @endmyopiaofficial


Do we have a mewe group?

Cool! I was just looking at his new site yesterday, but didn’t make an account. I will now.

I’m not familiar with “mewe”. What does it stand for?

MeWe is yet another Facebook replacement. It’s becoming somewhat popular among agricultural groups since Facebook banned the sale of livestock and pets, but there’s plenty of other interest groups there. I’m not sure about the name, but I think it’s supposed to support both Me and We.


How long before they get kicked off of AWS?

Potentially any network along the way could refuse to carry the traffic too… If the web gets too locked down we’ll be back to the dial-up days to reach servers sitting in some dude’s basement.

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Those days did have their charms didn’t they? Patience was still a virtue back then :smiley:.

Back to BBS!