Endmyopia On The Made To Thrive Podcast

We did an episode on the Made To Thrive Show. :grimacing:

I recommendeth a listen, even if absolutely nothing new is being revealed. Here’s a short preview: Made To Thrive Show Episode Preview | Endmyopia | Jake Steiner - YouTube

And Steve’s whole show:

Actually rather enjoyed the chat with Steve. As some totally frivolous background, note the actual bamboo wall background. Yes, that was the actual wall, inner and outer, of the place ole Vanderjaken spent the night. A hut, literal and otherwise.

It was frozen and after a three hour ride on a tiny 125cc bike up a giant mountain, in the evening. And of course upon arriving finding out about the whole bamboo hut situation. And then still having to buck up and set up and smile and do a podcast. I was really not in any sort of mood for it! :joy:

While obviously no big deal in the scheme of things (not dodging bullets in Myanmar for example), it’s still a pain in the a** for someone otherwise generally pretty spoiled.

I see about seven more podcast show interviews already recorded and still waiting for release. And lots more on the schedule, so expect to continue to see lots of underhanded beard oil promotion happening on the Interwebs.

And if you feel like helping … If you have a podcast you love, drop our collective name in their hats, please! :grimacing:


Watch it, Jakey. With all this media exposure, you may become so conspicuous that you’ll be forced to be respectable! :joy:


:joy: That does seem fairly unlikely, though.

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He seemed enthusiastic to spread the word! That would be great :smiley:

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Well done @jakey

Jake answered exceedingly well in my view, often being light hearted and educational. A great interview.
This is one of rhe best podcasts to date. Maybe because the interviewer declared himself sceptical at the start.


Don’t get your hopes to high, this interviewer has only 190 subscribers on his channel.

Fair but podcast hosts don’t seem to use YouTube platform much… so Idk how much following he has on other platforms, but could be much more substantial.

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True. There are more than a few though, oddly, who have a lot of downloads (and iTunes reviews), and tiny YouTube audiences. Not always but sometimes podcasts occupy curious niches. Just did one the other day, the podcaster has a very long history in TV and traditional media. She’s not big in this world of new media but a ton of insights and contacts.

Also you never know who is listening or who the host knows and might introduce you to.

Plus … nice to have these chats from time to time. Too much just typing things at a screen.

I love skeptical. :grimacing:


On this podcast it brought out the best in you,

Do you know he has a conflict of interest, as on his website is promotion of blue light glasses? https://madetothrive.co.za/special-deals/ra-optics/

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I see it as less a conflict of interest and more of an irony in advertising :joy:

Not really so much a conflict as it’s selling silly things, perhaps.

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