Endmyopia On The Mindful Movement Podcast (500k Subs!)


Recently we had the good fortunes of connecting with Les Raymond of the Mindful Movement, and chatting about eyesight on his excellent podcast. Les puts a lot of work into his show, and their YouTube channel has grown to over 500,000 subscribers. :relaxed:

Here’s the video: End Myopia: Interview with Jake Steiner / Mindful Movement - YouTube

And their podcast page, lots of very interesting guests: Season 2, Episode 26: What it Means to be Metabolically Fit with Casey Means – The Mindful Movement

And their Facebook: Redirecting...

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Another great one! Cringey bits when he insisted on calling what he does eye exercises, if he does follow up and look into stuff it shouldn’t take him to realize the difference though… I like how well he caught up to what you were saying even though he didn’t study up in advance. And I love how these Podcasts are reaching our kind of people, people not content with quick fixes.


Yes! Behind the scenes we are spending a ton of time (and paying our most darling podcast coordinator) to get on these shows. :grimacing: