🎙 Endmyopia On UK Health Radio

Another podcast featuring the whiskery whisdoms from endmyopia, on UK Health Radio:

The episode: https://www.ukhealthradio.com/blog/episode/janey-interviews-jake-steiner-vision-improvement-expert-on-understanding-human-eyesight/

Yes the Website is somewhat confounding and they have their own app that you have to download rather than being on other podcast networks. Beyond the scope of an old mountain dweller’s technical temptation, but … they have an audience and people will likely find out about their eyeballs. :grimacing:


Respect how you manage to explain the basics still calmly and patiently after all these years. I’d get fed up of explaining the basics so many times


Imagine being a teacher, teaching generation after generation the same subject for 30 years :joy:


:joy: Helps to have interested hosts. Also to imagine that it may be thousands of people potentially listening at some point, so it could be an hour well spent.


I hadn’t heard of this radio station/app/site before. It’s a good idea to reach out to alt sites as they are growing rapidly.
Also it would be good if more Endmyopia videos appeared on alt sites such as rumble.com and bitchute.com


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