Endmyopia Patreon - TELL JAKEY HOW TO DO EEET

So … it’s been asked here and elsewhere for some time now, that we create a Patreon.

FREE MONEY, YEAHHHHH! (seems somewhat unlikely, but hey … here we go)

I’m honestly a bit lost on this one. We’ve survived this long without donations, but valid points are made about more options to support endmyopia.

But then there’s now “tiers” and “benefits” and all the whatnots available on the page, and countless choices that I don’t know how to manage.

Here’s a bit of the first draft of the Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=30821551

Grab yourself a glass of your most fanciful red wine. Swirl it about your favorite crystal glass (or chalice, as it may be). Take a sip, contemplate what you’d contribute to this here venue.

What tiers do we need? Benefits? Things and stuffness?

Feel free to add your thoughts and musings, demands and poignant indignities about what such a thing would require for you to want to partake in a Patreon donation type of situation. Or for what you might imagine others would want.

Looking forward to your swirly chaliced thoughts.


I’m actually wondering if you need a quid pro quo thing here.

You’re talking about people who really appreciate all the stuff that is available for free already and want to support EM because of that. Perhaps access to the rough guide and the pro topic videos would be enough? You might also consider not having those tiers in there but have people donate what they want just out of appreciation and not give anything in return, because you’ve given more than enough already, right?


Yea you’re probably right. Overthinking it while looking at all the prompting. :smiley:

You know how this is sort of an occasional recurring theme. Figured I’d finally tackle that, have some kind of donation thing up somewhere.

Something about Patreon: be careful not to become reliant on their platform. They are aligned with the authoritarian left, deleting – and smearing – dissident accounts as they please.

The most appalling story is the official reason of banning Carl Benjamin, a controversial Youtuber. I’d call him a right-leaning English liberal. A bunch of white supremacists had kept nagging him with their… opinions on niggers, over hours of online audio conversation. At one point, he used the word nigger, by their definition, contextually on them, to show their hypocrisy. Patreon extracted those few seconds from hours of material somewhere on Youtube, not even linked to their platform, published the excerpt, banned him for life – instantly eliminating his family’s main source of income – and smeared him as someone with anti-black racist opinions.

When challenged by the larger internet, including multiple very prominent accounts on their own platform, Patreon doubled down and posted lies.

Multiple other accounts faced similar fates, and the selection seemed markedly biased in favor of, well, left-wing authoritarianism. The real reason for the ban was most likely the creator’s negative opinion on things like Islamic views on women, the authoritarian left itself, and, ironically, censorship.

Maybe you know Sam Harris? He was one of the biggest accounts on there, but left Patreon out of protest. Personally, I boycott the platform for the same reason, so I don’t think I’d pay anyone over them ever.

Not saying you should do the same, since the critical mass for an effective boycott may not be there. Just wanted to give a warning.


Yea saw that. Sadly though even Visa and Mastercard take political and social justice stands these days.

Besides going to crypto it’s all pretty easily controlled by a few people.

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Yeah this is a problem on a lot of platforms these days

Also Jake I never heard of this platform but what is it with the per month stuff? Price for forum membership? Maybe a one off donation sure, but monthly would put a lot of people off…

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Totally agree, I would treat Patreon as a “regular donation” platform than the real tier and similar things platform.
But for this maybe Ko-Fi (https://ko-fi.com/) is better than Patreon. Because that platform is directly about supporting, their “motto” is: “The friendly way for fans to support your work for the price of a coffee.” (you can pay more than the price of a coffee and monthly donation is also possible there)

Patreon is about monthly donation / subscription. In the case of Endmyopia I think it’s more like “I want to help Endmyopia continously” than a subscription.


So that was because people keep saying Patreon and I didn’t really do further research.

It’s still an odd concept to me to just have people send money without getting some specific something in return. Not entirely comfortable with the idea, I much prefer specific trades. But then having voiced that on a number of occasions, some people made good points to the contrary … so then I put Patreon on the endless list, and one day it was time for that line item.

Agreed though, monthly also doesn’t make any more sense to me. None of it really did so I didn’t use any logic in the setup.

Good suggestion, David.


Ok this seems to be the better option. Marking “donations” off the list. (?)



I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

Is there any reason $10 is the minimum? I think something smaller (like $5 or even $1) would be better, because if someone wants to donate only a few dollars, why not allow them? (as far as I can see you can only increase the donation amount, cannot decrease).

Dig deeeeeeper into that wallet!

Ok fine. Reduced to $5. I wish it was $10 and a zillion people would donate so I could talk you and the others in the core group into some paid positions at the glorious temples. Very obviously I’m lacking the capacity for a lot of these things.

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