🎧 Endmyopia Podcast Episodes

So after about a year of (casual) trial and error, hiring and un-hiring various bits of various kinds of talent, it looks like the endmyopia media team finally has some teeth. Some … bite?

Whichever the term, we’re getting on more podcasts, more regularly. Your dubiously-favorite uncle Jake is being herded and reminded and nudged by our very own in-house team of professionals (think dark sweat shop, ancient Chinese lady shouting things at frightened minions chained to their desks) to regularly appear on various relevant earball destinations.

The current strategy is to go with health related podcasts, and specifically small-ish ones. Figure out the right tone and conversation and learn how to best do interviews. Then as things get more fluid and engaging, move on to bigger ones.

Just yesterday our episode on Futuretech Podcast went live: https://www.futuretechpodcast.com/podcasts/eye-can-see-jake-steiner-founder-endmyopia-org-reversing-myopia-improving-lives/

This is a strange rabbit hole of many random topics, very prolific, very easy to get lost in the most random subjects. Host audio was a bit less stellar but we did get it done!

And this one, more of a workout / keto / California type of affair: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/correct-your-vision-naturally-with-jake-steiner/id1460605151?i=1000447007880

I haven’t been posting podcasts we’ve had episodes on play-by-play so far, since it’s all basically repeating things you already know.

Actually this one also, a podcast by a reader of endmyopia: https://fathersafter50.com/jake-steiner/

I encourage podcast hosts to send me the most salient, tempting bits of their podcast to share with you. When they do, I pass those along here. So if we end up finding interesting podcasts with worthwhile and relevant topics, we’ll be able to explore (like Ivor’s awesome topic of measuring heart disease).

There was one interview also just completed yesterday (not live yet), there are two scheduled for tomorrow (yes, the outreach minions are not messing around). Hoping to slowly build this into the rotation of things to do so that finally we’ll have some kind of ongoing strategy for spreading the word. :eye: :open_book:


Nice work, Master Guru! I know all this stuff, but it’s still interesting for me to listen. Keep going on these!


Just finished these. You said one goal is to get lots of people talking about this and make it less about you.

Endmyopia has a lot growth to do before it becomes a movement, but it is growing. I really think we need real live people who can talk about this stuff in “real life.”. As we know, it’s quite difficult to get anyone to seem to care about improving their eyesight.

Well, I’m willing to put myself out there as a “graduate” once I pass that DMV test. If this idea of improving eyesight and getting rid of glasses is going to get past being about about Jake, then we need people beyond Jake teaching and helping others to improve their vision.

It seems like the first phase should be getting a crop of people who have gotten to 20/40 or better out there and willing to help.