Endmyopia SEO 😭

Semi-OT: With a decidedly heavy heart, finally resigned to getting into some search engine optimization for endmyopia. :hot_face: Ponied up for the tools and now will have to write some non-rantey content to reach more of the lost darling myopes out there in Internet land.

RIP all the blissful years of totally ignoring Google stuff. :sob:

On the upside, it’s just amazing how much actionable data is out there. Fancy tools and a million reports highlighting how totally effectively endmyopia has managed to evade eyeball related topics that people actually search for.

Sounds a lot like actual work, writing things not just for fun but intended to actually reach an audience …

This mostly just a heads-up if you happen to follow the blog and may start to see some random fluff topic posts about the most inane general vision related stuff. Apologies in advance, definitely will keep a reasonable ratio of rants and digressions.


Wow! I know little about the technical mumbo-jumbo part of this SEO stuff, but yowch! This is going to be interesting and hopefully fun for you!

Endmyopia is already a top result for “myopia diopters” on Google.


I believe in the skills of our dear eye guru! Just mix seo ‘n rant… :wink:
It’ll be fun to spike your rants with seo expressions :wink:


Yea it’s mainly finding the sort of things people search for that’s likely going to make them stop and read about our little myopia concept.

Find the keywords and then get relevant articles to rank for them. Something I really never wanted to even get near but hard to continually ignore that it’s a potentially very powerful way to reach a lot of people out there.

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This is so exciting! Unfortunately, SEO is a fact of life now.

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Hey Jake,

Would you like me to do SEO for you? I’ve learned a lot about it over the past few years and I’m seeing amazing growth on my blog.

I would love to help you out. Let me know if you’re open to hire. :slight_smile:

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Feel free to drop me an e-mail at jake @ endmyopia.

Right now the general plan is to do some keyword research (bought SEMRush subscription) and start tracking keywords, “competitors” and writing a few things that are more SEO geared.

Have an admin minion tasked with this for now. Not a very solid plan yet, all this.

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A lot of kittehs here found you due to other eye health issues.
So maybe do some blog posts on that? Any common and real exotic eye issues. The others found you through bates, so do another one on that maybe :wink:

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Great! I believe I can help you. Can you name the competitors you want to outrank on Google? Then, I will send you an email with some keyword opportunities. And if you’d like, you can even hire me for further SEO for all your posts! :slight_smile:

I often search for topics about…
“why eyes go bad”
“population with bad eyes”

Ironically, most mainstream articles end up concluding that… it is not known why eyes go bad but it’s on the rise everywhere; and for some unknown reason, behavior that includes being outdoors seems to reduce the problem. Gee I wonder why that is, lol.

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