Endmyopia Stepzzz Video (Shortened)

@Sharada took pity on everyone who wanted the Jake-intro video, and was faced with the prospects of 20 minutes of peak cringe ramblings.

She made a shorter version. 9 minutes, rather than 20: YouTube

That’s some serious community contributing. reducing the suffering of those seeking answers for their eyeballs. :wink:

Of course I never encourage making things easier or more tempting for plz-bros. Patience and research and skepticism and understanding underlying theory is all pretty useful for the project of reversing your myopia. Nobody who will only do “the stepzzz” is all that likely to succeed. Last thing we need is half committed casual tinkerers monkeying with diopters and then blaming us for their resulting misfortunes. So … in ole Jakey’s tiny mind, not much is lost by guarding the entrance to the temples with some rambles and dubiosities.

Either way. 9 minutes, far more tolerable than 20. Thanks @Sharada!


I :heart: the longer video. It has your best quotable quotes “don’t be an idiot!” … “blind consumer sheep” “scholar.google.com” (the googles is more palatable coming from you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). Recommended for serious knowledge and chuckles :+1:


You have an incorrect link in your post, this is the proper one:

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Steps? STEPS???

Thanks @Sharada :grin:


Btw. it would awesome to have the new style of animation for this video :smiley:

For the stepzzzzz video?

The main $$$ part is length of video / how much animation. I keep thinking some combo of face (cause free) and animations for the parts requiring visuals. :thinking:

This “short steps” one. But yeah I know, it’s still pretty long.

Well, that’s what most people creating informational videos do as I see :slight_smile: Use “face” for general talking and use animation for explaining specific things. And many times I see that they use a 5-10 seconds animation snippet multiple times in a video when it makes sense.

But because Endmyopia has some “core topics” I think if you produce some snippets about them then you can re-use them in a lot of videos later (like axial length, active focus, ciliary spasm, etc.).
Of course in some way if you do once a full length “steps” video with animation you almost need no new animation later, because all core concept is animated :slight_smile:

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Very true. If only I was that organized, to create a library of assets and whatnot. :thinking:

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@Sharada at it again: Vision Improvement Hacks: Explained in 11 Seconds 🤫 | Endmyopia | Jake Steiner - YouTube