Endmyopia TED Talk

Throwing ideas out there, I’m sure this has been mentioned before. Check out TED’s speaker nomination FAQ:

At TED, we search year-round for speakers who will inform and inspire, surprise and delight. Our presenters run the world’s most admired companies and design its best-loved products; they invent world-changing devices and create ground-breaking media. TED also seeks out emerging artists, scientists and thinkers, introducing them to the TED community well before they hit the mainstream.

Ooo :eyes:
This is pretty much just a “@jakey, will you do a TED talk” thread

I also remember something about a BBC documentary ಠ_ರೃ


Would be good.
It would reach a huge numbers of people. Would have to be done right, though.


I’d vote for that.

There is actually a book about how to prepare for a TED Talk, and Amanda Palmer from “the Art of Asking” has an excellent bit about how she prepared for hers.

It can definitely hit a huge, huge audience if one gets attention from TED.


Yeah, you’re talking about a nuclear bomb of popularity if this happened. Jake’s always been pretty uneasy about a huge influx of people though, legal issues etc. But we already have those legal issues… hmmm…

You really can’t shut EM down I don’t think, what does the law state? Will a target be marked on his back and then Luxottica hires a hitman in Vietnam to take him out? One thing’s for certain, EM would remain up long enough in a post-TED talk world for other people to duplicate the message of EM and spawn ‘mirror’ sites to keep everything going. On the flipside, EM has a strictly no medical advice position, so what can be the harm?


Tod Becker’s speech from five years ago hasn’t been taken down, and he’s still selling hormesis at his home website.

So I don’t think Luxottica can get at him that way.

This crowd could probably help ghost write a fantastic speech, along with his personal story and witness to thousands of people reducing and eliminating myopia–that’s a powerful message.


I don’t understand why they’d want to. EM and Becker are taking stable myopes that maybe get new glasses every two years, and encouraging them to buy multiple pairs of glasses a year, and the entire industry is skeptical that it works and that in the long run you’ll come back to conventional treatment. It’s win-win for them. Now if we were more hitting the harder science work of preventing children from becoming myopic, then they stand to loose long term customers.

This situation would be identical to when tobacco companies finally admitted that smoking causes cancer and rates began to drop. Admitting glasses cause myopia would start the inevitable slow decline of the industry over a very long time, perhaps with loads of short/medium term profit to make. Tobacco companies are still around after all.


My take, cross the bridge when apropos.

First to see if TED would even be feasible as a platform to reach. Seems there’s various iterations, like the smaller TEDx options. Also now we’re living in travel restriction world.

Had watched somebody talk about his TED experience and saying he’d never do it again. Would probably have to look that up again. One thing for sure I would likely not trade principles for exposure.

As far as too much popularity, not sure. Feeling better now than two years ago, with a huge amount of insider documents and communication, a lot of incriminating content showing that they full well know what they’re doing. If we tone it down and just talk about what’s possible without attacking the industry, probably would be ok.

I had some conversations a while back and the consensus then was that it wouldn’t be worth for them to open up a can of worms of a lot more publicity about their practices. Nobody really wants that headache and if we’re focused on improvement vs. blame, mostly should be fine.

Eventually we’ll have to do some of these larger venues, I figure. Fine with exploring ideas. :wink:


The hero nobody asked for… but the hero we deserve :man_superhero:

Can’t wait, which is why I made this thread :star_struck: