📊 EndMyopia Wiki: dark or light theme by default?

  • Light theme
  • Dark theme

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This is for deciding the default colour scheme of the wiki to users who see it for the first time. The idea is to have an easily toggleable button to switch between the two themes at some point. What should the default be?

Generated out of a debate between me and @Viceroy.Sam, but I won’t poison the well with my opinion here.

Okay I’ll poison the well in a reply to the poll. Light theme by default all the way, easily.

Light theme is what the majority of websites use, including Wikipedia, which is familiar to users, and is why we use the wiki skin that we do.

Nobody has ever been offended or put off by a website using a light theme. The same thing cannot be said for dark theme. We’re trying to reach out to newcomers and get them interested, not put them off with a cultish colour scheme.

There are arguments about eye strain and this and that, but that’s solveable with a toggle button. The average newcomer to EM for the first time hasn’t the slightest clue about eye strain in relation to different colour schemes, they just get a quick initial opinion about the site, choose to read more or close it and never see it again. First impressions are damn important, that’s why I firmly believe light theme is the way to go, as I literally see enabling dark theme by default as putting off like 50% of people who view the wiki, massive turnoff for most people.

But hey, we do things by consensus here. Will hopefully have an easy toggle for all readers built in at some point.

I’m totally turned down by dark themes. Somehow my initial response to a dark theme site that it’s not really serious and just some guys put it together for their own amusement. Or at least it’s a really underground, maybe shady site. I’m totally biased in this regard and I don’t say that dark theme suggest this to everyone, but that’s my initial response.
Also my eyes really hates dark theme :slight_smile:


I see little double vision on dark theme that’s why I usually prefer light theme