💣 EndMyopia Wiki Launches 21 June - A Call To Writers Everywhere 📜

Here it is! Mark your calandars, because it’s coming! :calendar:

The EndMyopia Wiki will be publicly available and promoted from 21 June.

A wiki is a collaboratively edited site written by loads of people. Anyone can create an account and start editing the EndMyopia Wiki. Wikipedia has 6 million articles, written by hundreds of thousands of contributors.

Whaddya mean, publicly available? :memethinking:

(ooh! that’s a nice wiki button we have there!)

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Jake saying the word wiki
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Houston, we have a problem? :eggplant:

The articles. Pretty underdeveloped, probably not all that useful. Yet!

Solution - you can write the articles! :writing_hand::books: :chart_with_upwards_trend:
The wiki is completely free to use and share, and is all about indexing the information that is currently available in the most easy and useful to digest format for people.

The wiki’s main priority is practical, good information on how to fix eyesight. Other priorities include:

  1. Scientific discussion and information about vision biology
  2. Community writings and videos front and center to show newcomers it’s all more than just some fake eye guru
  3. A nice Frequently Asked Questions page to replace the current one

And anything else we come up with along the way!

We want you! :thought_balloon:
Writing a wiki is easier than you might think. There is a written help page that should tell you everything you need to know to get started writing content and articles, and a video tutorial series too:

Priorities now are any articles on the front page, for sure. Here’s a list of articles needing development: Category:Pages that need development - EndMyopia Wiki

Help make the best vision improvement resource, and get people out of glasses :nerd_face:
Wiki will be a prominent part of EndMyopia moving forward, with a lot of public visibility. Articles will be read by a readership base that is orders of magnitude larger than the number of people who visit this forum.

People are desperate for information, which is why the Facebook group is filled with questions that are asked repeatedly. What you write makes a difference!

That’s it! :heavy_check_mark:
Click here to create an account. You can edit any page, including the front page. We trust you!

Be bold and make changes. Don’t doubt your changes, make the changes!


Please do support the Wiki and keep Andrew excited, via your contributions.

Remember how much you got out of Endmyopia as a resource. If there’s even one thing that you feel helped that you could spend a few minutes adding to the wiki … please do!

These things can not exist without your help!


YOU can write the articles

Just a small question, Andrew. Divenal recently referred me to his user page on the wiki for some useful links. When on the wiki page I can type his user page in the search bar and am directed to his user page. But where can I find a list of all users, or is this kept private?

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Thanks Andrew.

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Alternatively, URL method:


in this case. Changing the end.



tenor (1)

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Everyone’s got an opinion about everything, so here’s my opinion expressed in article form, which I think helps cut through a lot of the grease and overcomplication that puts off newbies I see quite a lot of the time:


End of the day, practical advice and temptations to try this stuff come before anything for me. There’s a lot of nuance to vision improvement, I’ll probably add this into a section on this article in a bit and be all like ‘you might need to fine tune this that and that’. But these four factors are overwhelmingly the most important from what I gather. Can someone slap my face if I’ve got this all wrong


Perfect example of an article I’d never write in a million years. Good job @phil3741 and @emdiv!